Minnits - 1st December 2000

Fri 01 Dec Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

1st December 2000



1. Newsletters

Newsletters should go out roughly once every two weeks - but not strictly. Include new events first, then a reminder of pending events, then finally a hint of future plans.

2. Pub Social

This Sunday (3rd Dec) in the Airport. And we’re staying there. Nothing will make us budge, not Fire or Flood, Hell or High Water. Except possibly the promise of free beer, or the opportunity to push the president in a ditch.

3. Events for next Term

4. Room Booking

Room Booking meeting on tuesday - it was decided we wouldn’t attend because, quite frankly, we couldn’t be bothered. Plus, we don’t really need any big rooms or venues from the Onion.

5. Java Tutorial

Room/s need to be booked - use Onion big meeting rooms. Forget DCS - we can’t really fit it into the timetable in the daytime, so we need an evening slot. 3 hour-long sessions, ‘Swing’, ‘More Swing’ and ‘101 (or perhaps 4) more cool things to do in Java’ Chris Salmon to cover.

6. Training

We’ve missed our chance this term - all the training stuff we thought we were going to do next term will have to wait until next term.

7. OpenSource

CDs - Jake to get list of people who want CDs and endeavour to get them to them before the end of term.
Room Bookings for next term will need to be done next term. Chris Salmon to cover.
Sourceforge - Chris Salmon to talk to people who have used it before and produce some sort of instructions for newbies.

8. Gaming Next Term

We need to email ITS to ask them if we can extend the sessions into next term, and to ask permission to occasionally use both rooms - eg, for things like the Counter-Strike tournament. Also should point out that we are unable to use a couple machines-

9. Meeting Tonight

“/Nobody to go - we can’t be arsed. We have enough Union bureaucracy to deal with already./”

10. Website Pictures

Chris to either get around to mailing Phil these pictures or do it himself, but one way or another, we /are/ getting that Chris-in-a-ditch picture on the website.

11. Timetables and Deadlines

Ryan to scour DCS building and website for as many timetable entries and deadlines as he can, so we can plan our schedule around these to avoid clashing with too much stuff.

12. PC Format/Budget

It appears that we don’t actually /have/ a budget. Unfortunately in the situation of, say;
“We’d like to buy a hub. Give us some of our money.”
“Did you budget for this hub?”
“Oh, yes.”
“Funny- I can’t find your budget form. Why haven’t you got a budget form?”
Replies such as “The Onion ate it”, “We handed one in - you guys must have sacrificed to whatever dark Gods you keep in that cupboard behind you” or “Look behind you, a three-headed Monkey!” are unlikely to give the desired effect. Unfortunately, there’s nothing much we can do to rectify this.

13. Misc Stuff from Pigeonhole

Ryan brought a load of stuff that someone had left in our Pigeonhole. Unfortunately, not much of it was very interesting, so we let him keep it. He’ll probably fold it up into little origami beer steins or something. The one thing that /did/ perk our interest, however, was the possibility of getting more members at this ‘Refreshers fayre’ thingy. Mainly because More Members = More Money. Chris Salmon to put us down on the list on The Desk of Doom on Sunday.

14. AGM

Provisinally we will hold this on Week 9 of next term, decide more firmly then. When was the last time something was scheduled provisionally and /didn’t/ happen then?

15. Switch

The forms have now finally been handed in to buy a switch for the society. Now we just have to figure out where to keep it if and when it /does/ actually turn up.

16. Next Meeting

Last of term! 11am, Friday, Bitchtank. Where we can sit back and alternately reflect on a job well done, and wonder where it all went wrong.