Minnits - 24th November 2000

Fri 24 Nov Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

24th November 2000



1. Minnit Content

“This is all my fault” - Chris Salmon
The minutes should, in future,

2. CS Tourney

Posters have been put up in CSV, and some have been submitted to the Onion. Since it had been offered on the posters and previous correspondence, a Cash Money Prize shall be given to the winners of the tournament. The runners up - those in second place - will be given the bubble-wrap not awarded at the abortive Quiz attempt at the previous pub social.

3. Snap Decisions

We need to assign a member of the exec to every item that needs following up - they will then have final authority over any decisions made over that item, to try and prevent any snap decisions such as the one that led to an entry fee for the CS tourney. This same person is also responsible for that item, be it social, mineral or animal, and can be held accountable for anything that might happen to go wrong with it. If a decision needs to be made and no other members of the exec are present, and it was either not covered or undecided previously, the chosen path should be mailed to the other exec for veto, and given at least until the end of the day, more if possible for anyone to object.

4. Allnighter


The society shall reccomend that all members turning up to a LAN of any kind at the very least scans their computer beforehand, and preferrably installs an intercept-and-detect virus scanner. We accept no responsibility for any virus problems (as we have always refused to) but will make the ‘magic bullet’ disks available and point members to free or cheap virus scanners.


It would be a good idea to start a newsgoup discussion before an event to try and decide which games will be most popular, so people can install them and patch them up beforehand. This will not stop people installing and patching at LANs, but should cut down on the number of files transferred over the network.


From now on, we really need to treat BNC as outdated, and assume most people will have CAT5 network cards. The society (well, Baz and Jake) can lend people 10Mbit RJ45 network cards, and possibly cable, and a lot of cards these days are combos anyway. This will help the setup of the networking at LANs significantly, seeing as one of the biggest problems we faced at the Allnighter was joining the BNC -based network onto the CAT5-based network.

5. Switch

Jake to grab Ryan in lectures and keep snapping bones until he agrees to sort out this Switch purchase. Baz to mail Ryan with the details. Ryan to perform purchase of switch at first opportunity.

6. Pub Socials

Hold a pub social on the weekend of week 9 in the airport. Sunday from 8 onwards - just after the OpenSource project meeting.

7. LAN Party

The idea of holding another LAN before the end of term was mooted - unfortunately, however, it was thought that it was really unfeasible to get one going and to have enough people turn up this close to the end of term.

8. T-Shirts

Chris Smith and Jake to look into the possibility of T-Shirts from a variety of sources for the society or for society events.

9. Console Society

The recently-formed console society has been going under the name of ‘The Computer Console Society’ and has the email address of ‘Compconsoc’ or something similar. This leads to potential confusion seeing as their name is so similar to ours. Also, they recently ran a Goldeneye Tournament - this is something we did last year, and were thinking of repeating - certainly many of our members would be interested. Whilst we don’t want to shut them down or kill them all or anything, it would certainly be nice if they would

Complying with these simple steps will help their exec avoid potential unfortunate fatal accidents. Or something. Chris Smith to eMail the society in question to ask for their cooperation.

10. Photos

Chris Smith to mail Phil photographs from the last few Compsoc socials to place prominently on the compsoc website. Especially the one of Chris Salmon in a ditch.

11. OpenSource Project

The OpenSource project is generally going well. We do, however, really need a bit of a hand with the website, so we don’t have to worry about too much stuff (and remember too many passwords…)

12. Next Meeting

Shall be held at 11o’clock on friday, meeting up in the Bitchtank again. Unfortunately there isn’t really any time the rest of us can meet up that Mike can also attend.