Minnits - 9th November 2000

Thu 09 Nov Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

9th November 2000



1. Switch

Baz has details on the switch we plan to buy - to give these to Ryan and organise the purchase of said piece of equipment.

2. Allnighter

Given the time until the allnighter, it would be a good idea to announce it despite the fact that the room booking has not been confirmed yet. Chris Smith will bring a DVD movie

3. Ale and Whores

Unfortunately, both of the above are barred from the room used for the Allnighter. As well as food. This means we will have to restrict eating and drinking to outside of the rooms.

4. Money

Chris to give The Onion the money we still need to give them, along with the last book of cards.

5. Cards

Several members have still not recieved laminated membership cards. Whilst - if they are not going to turn up to any events - these are not needed, next time a newsletter is sent out, a note should be included reminding members that laminated cards are available and can be picked up at any social.

6. Java Tutorials

Chris Salmon, since he knows more Java than anyone else willing to, is to write the scriptsnotes/other material for the proposed Java Tutorials.

7. Magazines and Budget

Despite Ryan’s best inquisitive efforts, there is still no news on the magazines or the budget. The exec decides to blame The Onion, for it is undoubtedly their fault.

8. CS 1.0

Chris Salmon to download Counter-Strike 1.0 for gaming sessions - we more than likely to not need to purchase the boxed game, since the download is supposedly the same.

9. OpenSource Project

It was collectively agreed that never, never agin would we hold an OpenSource meeting on a monday. Jake, when he has time, to put together a CD of stuff for people participating. Contents to be decided at one of the meetings.

10. Pub Social

Thursday next week we will hold another Pub Social - starting in the Graduate at 8pm onwards, we will try and make it more of a crawl.

11. Allnighter

For the weekend of the Allnighter, we will cancel the regular gaming. This will serve two purposes - firstly, it may encourage more people to turn up to the allnighter. Secondly, it means that nobody has to supervise the gaming.

12. Next Meeting

Thursday at 2pm, in the Bitchtank.