Minnits - 26th October 2000

Thu 26 Oct Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

26th October 2000



1. Gaming/LANs

Gaming and the last LAN party have been going well - but we could do with more organisation at LANs, specifically with getting the network set up. A Hub was suggested, or a Switch - Baz to investigate the possibilities. We would need at least 8 sockets - probably no more would be needed since member’s hubs could be daisychained. Henry Southgate also mentioned at the last LAN that he may be able to bring a Linux box to act as a bridge. Talk to Henry nearer time of next LAN.

2. Chris’ House

It was minuted that Chris Salmon lived in a village where they were actually not allowed to place television aerials on the roof of their house. All laughed.

3. Money

Ryan claims that the financial situation is OK.
Books for membership need to be in by Friday (27th).
Chris Salmon was given £1 by Ryan to put in the pot.

4. OpenSource Project

Going well.
Sourceforge account opened by Chris Salmon - Chris to continue and set up all areas of the account that we need. Majordomo list was asked after, but there was no reply.
Likewise the possibilities of a Newsgroup or CVS account were investigated, but to no avail. The last two things are not so important with the SF account, however.

5. Bowling

Put forward until next week.

6. Java Classes

Concentrate on GUI. Chris Salmon to talk to Jarvis and ask about a room.

7. CS Tourney

James M to mail Jake when he has info ready, Jake to forward to members.

8. Pub Social

Arranged for tuesday of next week (31st of October), meeting up at 7pm in Rootes Reception. Going to Varsity from 7:10 onwards.

9. Karting

Baz still looking into Karting - probably. For all we know he’s simply sitting in his room eating Chris’ KitKats.

10. Next Meeting

  1. pm next thursday in the Bunker. Location to be decided from there.