Minnits - 19th October 2000

Thu 19 Oct Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

19th October 2000



1. Gaming Sign

It was proposed that a sign be made for gaming sessions, to put on the door to warn non-members of what is going on, so they don’t walk in, look confused and lost and disturb people. Jake to create.

2. Mail Forwarding

A success but for two small mishaps. One, of course, is the 1000+ mails forwarding fiasco. The other is that certain presidents of the computing society, not mentioning any names, occasionally forget to log in to ‘suada’ before replying. Everyone needs to remember to use the Exec account to reply to mail, firstly so that the reply also doesn’t get braodcast to the exec, but more importantly so that the person replied to doesn’t get seven disparate eMails.

3. Any More Training?

It was decided that, whilst there /may/ be a /little/ more training required, we would wait until the Union told us rather than go looking for trouble.

4. OpenSource Project

Next Meeting the License should be decided, (and the room should be booked. Chris.) and also the possibility of CVS (or a Sourceforge account) and a Majordomo list set up.

5. LAN Party

LAN starts at 11 on Saturday. Chris Salmon to open up, bring IP cards and organise. Baz to bring network sheets, and tell Chris how to do the network. Chris to bloody well listen.

6. Paintball

Notify members of Paintball soc. crossover. Checks to be taken by the exec or pinned on the Compsoc noticeboard.

7. Laserquest

Filmsoc challenge on Tuesday of Wk6. It was decided that a normal signup but with a lower capacity would suffice.

8. Weekend Gaming

Chris Smith will be present on Friday only, Chris Salmon and Jake will be present both evenings. Airport before Friday gaming (9pm) but not Saturday - LAN too close. Also it was decided to implement a rigid Kick-out-then-login-all-machines-then-let-members-in policy, to avoid /any/ trouble that might otherwise be caused. This is especially useful as it means we have the chance to reset and re-login machines that have been locked or whatever in someone’s account. Adam to be ignored when he makes a fuss.

9. Gaming/DM7

Jake to obtain Quake DM7 for gaming.

10. Gaming/Counter-Strike

It was proposed that a ‘Counter-strike’ and ‘Non-Counter-strike’ division be made to our weekend gaming. Like this, people who don’t play CS but find their like scattered ’cross the two sessions can band together in hope of actually getting a decent game of Quake. Or whatever.

11. Java

It was suggested and agreed with that the Java course/s on ‘The Bits 118 Doesn’t Teach You’ should take place starting Week 11, the beginning of the second term. They should start with a quick reiteration of the 118 course, so that people unfamiliar with Java can catch up, then proceed into lecture-format sessions with titles like ‘API - Things you should know’ &/ ‘Getting to Grips with GUIs’. Chris Salmon to be banned from titling the actual lectures - unanimous amongst eligible voters. These should then be followed with workshop-style sessions, where people can ask questions and generally interface a bit more.

12. Money

Chris (Salmon) needs to get together with Chris (Smith) and rationalise our resources.

13. Bowling

The idea of this Tuesday session needs to be looked into. Ryan best to do this, as he lives close to the arena.

14. Next Meeting

Meet in the Unix Bunker, at 5, on thursday, to discuss where to hold meeting. Xanana’s was nice but too loud and cramped, The Varsity has gone a little downhill, and Cholo is blatantly not on. As is the Piazza, for that matter.