Minnits - 10th October 2000

Tue 10 Oct Meeting Minutes

Compsoc Exec Minnits

10th October 2000



1. Flyers

Chris Smith wanted it minuted that he was impressed with the flyers. (Used to spam first year CS pigeonholes)

2. Fresher’s Fayre

Was a vast success. Total members at last count was 168.

3. Mike

Joined the society. Also turned up for meeting.

4. Cards

As only 150 membership cards were printed for the societies fair, and we signed up 168 members, more cards are needed. Many members were given yellow slips marked ‘Card To Be Issued’. Chris Smith to print more inserts (as the ITS laser printer is OOO) and Ryan to bring the plastic covers to the first social.

5. South Central

First Social to be held in South Central on Wednesday (11th) 7-8pm. Ryan to confirm booking.

6. Confirm Booking

Jake to Confirm booking of Gaming, Friday and Saturday, room 019 (reverting to room 011 when it is finished) 10pm to 4am.

7. EMail

Mike suggested that all exec members should be forwarded the message when the Compsoc exec account is mailed to. Exec will then have to log in to the exec account if they want to reply. (and also check if anyone else has replied already) Mike to implement.

8. Training

Chris Salmon and Ryan report that the union training on the previous Saturday was a farce. In fact, contrary to the Chris Smith report the previous day, there was no effective restriction to two exec members. Chris Smith owned up that he had been sold this pack of lies by a Sports Club exec member.

9. Socials

It was noted that we need to kick off our social calendar - a LAN Party, OpenSource meeting and Laserquest outing were put forward as good first-few-weeks contenders.

10. LQ Challenge

It was decided that instead of meeting a challenge from Filmsoc we should first have a Compsoc Laserquest social, then pick out the keen &/ good players to participate in the inter-society game.

11. Pre-Gaming Drinking

It was noted that at the end of last term, the Pre-Gaming drinking in the airport tended not to happen in a big way. It was decided to drill into the heads of this year’s freshers that it is a standard part of the event and not to be missed.

12. Open Source

Meeting proposed for 7-8pm on Sunday, then on to the Airport. Ryan to book. Jake to bring along documentation worked on over summer and project plan. Chris Salmon to bring general aura of authority.

13. LAN Party

LAN party proposed from 11- on saturday (till however late the Union will let us have the room). One of the two-part rooms is needed, since attendance is expected to be high. Ryan to book.

14. Bowling

Suggested for Tuesday evening, Week 4. Ryan to look into it.

15. Allnighter

Needs to be booked early - suggested Saturday to Sunday of Week 7. Chris Salmon to look into booking it.

16. Carried Over Stuff

The following items were carried over from last week and need to be carried over to next week:

17. Union Training/Resources/Etc.

It was suggested by Mike that as the society has a wealth of computing knowledge/skill to delve into we may be able to in some way offer these services to the Union, who run regular training (etc.) sessions. The idea was discussed but no conclusion reached. The consensus seemed to be that as the Union pays the trainers, they would be reluctant to hire from a student society.

18. Locker/Pigeonhole

Baz offered the use of his locker to the society, as the main thing we need to store - old PCF issues - will easily fit in and anything Baz may want to store - spare computers, say - won’t. Mike observed that we could store small quantities of things in his office. No news on a pigeonhole, however.

19 Room ???

In the course of discussion it was observed that DCS may be willing to allow the Computing Society to use an office, to prevent other departments moving people into all the empty rooms in their new building. The idea was discussed, the general consensus being that it is still highly unlikely, but not unworthy of pursuing. We would need to put in a reasoned proposal, so all exec members are to consider two main points:

20. Help DCS/University

It was suggested that the Computing Society may be able to help DCS/The university as a whole by running Java programming tutorials, focusing on the areas that the DCS course doesn’t cover - eg use of the API. These would of course be open to people outside of CS courses as an introduction to programming. Jake to confer with Steve Jarvis (who runs CS118) on how happy DCS would be about the idea. It was also observed that in other Universities, the computing society takes a dominant role in the running of the Onion computing services. It was suggested that we might take one of two courses of action: 1: March into the Union Resources Room and claim it in the name of the UoW Computing Society 2: Propose to the Union that, since we have a wealth of computing expertise at our fingertips and they quite obviously don’t, that perhaps we could help them with the running, on a volunteer basis, of a portion of the Union computing resources. The matter needs to be discussed further.

21. Gaming

Firstly, the following Exec will be turning up to the following gaming sessions: FridaySaturday Chris SalmonChris Salmon Jake StainesJake Staines Chris Smith (Start)Chris Smith (Possibly) Phil Ross
Creation of CDs ready to use for easy startup is delegated thus:

22. The Word

It was proposed and decided that we submit our events to The Word for inclusion in their societies calendar - Ryan to find, fill in and return the relevant form/s.

23. Next Meeting

It was suggested that we try Xanana’s for the next meeting - meet at 5 on thursday (19th) in the adjoining room.