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Merry Christmas, Everyone! - Term 1 Week 10 Newsletter

Posted on 6th December 2021

Just a few more days to go in term 1 before a well-deserved holiday - check out the final term 1 newsletter here!

December is Here! - Term 1 Week 9 Newsletter

Posted on 2nd December 2021

It's now Week 9, and we have a very important event lined up this week - find out more in this edition of the newsletter!

The End is in Sight | Term 1 Week 8 Newsletter

Posted on 22nd November 2021

Week 8 is here, so here's another newsletter!

Return of the LAN | Term 1 Week 7 Newsletter

Posted on 15th November 2021

Hiya! It's week 7, which means we have another LAN to look forward to - check out this week's newsletter to find out more!

Breather Week | Term 1 Week 6 Newsletter

Posted on 8th November 2021

Heyo! Week 6 is here, so here's yet another newsletter for you to enjoy!

November is Here! | Term 1 Week 5 Newsletter

Posted on 1st November 2021

Week 5 has arrived, so here's some more news for you!

LANs are back! | Term 1 Week 4 Newsletter

Posted on 26th October 2021

Week 4 is upon us and we've got LAN this weekend, so get ready for more news!

It's finally Autumn! | Term 1 Week 3 Newsletter

Posted on 19th October 2021

It's week 3, the leaves are changing colour and it's getting cooler! This can only mean one thing - it's time for some more news!

Too much to do already? | Term 1 Week 2 Newsletter

Posted on 12th October 2021

It's the start of week 2 and we've got lots coming up for you, so let's dive right into this week's newsletter!

Welcome (back) to Warwick! | Term 1 Week 1 Newsletter

Posted on 27th September 2021

It's the first week of term, so welcome to Warwick and the Computing Society! Check out what we've got coming up this term and who we are.