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48 Hour Progcomp

Posted on 18th February 2013

CompSoc have collaborated with Peter Zaborszky of Best Backups to create a 48 hour competition with fabulous prizes!

The idea will be to either work in a team of two or alone to create something technically interesting to do with backups! Sorry for being vague and mysterious but the specification won’t be released until the start of the competition.

The prizes available are:

- External hard drive, 2TB for 1 person team, 2×1TB for 2 person team

- Online backups – 2 years membership for 1 person team, 2×1...

AGM Results

Posted on 14th February 2013

The AGM was held as planned on 12/02/2013 and the new exec is as follows:

Academic President - Ruth King (ruth)
Gaming President - Matthew Piper (Murtag)
Secretary - Christopher Leonard (ChrisL)
Treasurer - Oliver Raabe
Technical Officer - Argha Sarkar (argha)
Social Secretary - Matthew Mo (Runite)

Congratulations to the new exec!

Christopher Leonard

Compsoc AGM for 2012/13

Posted on 30th January 2013

Greetings CompSoc,

The AGM has been arranged for the 12th February in MS0.4 starting at 6pm. If you wish to run for an exec position please send your manifesto to Your manifesto should cover who you are and why you want to be elected to a position in the society. Please note that you need to be a current member (not associate member) of CompSoc to be elected.

UPDATE: You can now vote at:

Guest Talk from CoreFiling

Posted on 17th November 2012

On Thursday 22nd CoreFiling Ltd will be coming in to give a talk about continuous integration. The talk will take place in S0.13 at 5pm.

“A talk about how continuous integration is a key tool for the rapid development of high-quality, reliable software. Topics will include an introduction to the ideas of continuous integration, an overview of some of the systems which implement it, how CoreFiling built their own system in the absence of a suitable alternative, challenges and limitations of CI, a...

IBM Summer Programming Competition

Posted on 29th July 2012

This summer the University of Warwick Computing society is pleased to announce a summer long programming competition to write an AI for the game Bomberman!

Entrants have the summer to write their AIs which will be scored during the final week before term starts. Make sure your AI is running during this week!

The top three AI writers will be awarded a fabulous prize - we have a Kindle, an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi up for grabs with the winner getting first choice. They'll also be invited to IBM Warwick! ...

Guest Talk from Unruly Media

Posted on 8th May 2012

On Friday 18th May we have Unruly Media coming in to deliver a talk entitled "Taming Scalability, and how Extreme Programming can help". The talk will take place in S0.13 from 4pm.

In this talk we will discuss three types of scaling challenges involved with adserving – Performance, Reliability, and Innovation.

We will cover some of the performance challenges we have encountered growing to tens of millions of impressions per day, and the approach we took to solve them, together with reliability...

Bletchley Park Trip

Posted on 25th April 2012

We are running a trip to Bletchley Park, the world renowned secret wartime code breaking site and birthplace of the modern computer.
There will be a tour around the site and a talk specially for us about cryptanalysis and the Enigma machine.

For more information and to sign up go to

AGM Results

Posted on 10th February 2012

The AGM that was scheduled for the 8th February has finished, with the new exec being elected as follows:

Academic President – Ruth King (ruth)
Gaming President – Mike Clarke (MikeCobra)
Secretary – Alex Cooper (Goshawk)
Treasurer – Jonathan Davies (Moltenfire)
Tech. Officer – James Goode (james)
Socials Officer – Benedict Falconer (zed0)

Congratulations to all the new exec!

Alex Cooper, Secretary.

Second Guest Talk from CoreFiling

Posted on 1st February 2012

After the success of last term's talk on Machine Learning, we have organised another guest talk courtesy of CoreFiling.

The topic of this talk is Real World Version Control, which will be of special interest to the students currently embarking on the CS Group Software Project.

The talk will take place in L5 (on the Science Concourse) on the 15th of February, from 5pm until 6pm.

"A talk about how version control is vital to software development and an introduction to some of the ways it can be used...

Guest Talk from CoreFiling

Posted on 21st November 2011

CompSoc's second guest talk of the term is taking place this Wednesday (23rd of Novemver), courtesy of CoreFiling Ltd.

The talk will be taking place in S0.18, from 1pm, about "Using Machine Learning To Solve Real-World Problems"

"How do you approach a classification problem involving thousands of categories rather than the 'usual’ five or six? What happens when your data-set is several gigabytes and growing? What open-source tools are available, are they any good, and can they be put to commercial use? Ho...