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Email downtime

Posted on 28th March 2002

The email system on Molotov will be going down for upgrades at 10pm on Sunday, 7th April. This only affects you if you have a Molotov account and use it for email. No email should be lost, and all other services will continue without interruption. We expect email to be back up and running by 11pm. If you have any concerns about this, please email me.

Fun, Games and Security

Posted on 8th March 2002

Our open source project, Lightbikes 3D is progressing very nicely at the moment, and while it may be hard for coders to join the team at this stage, we would welcome anyone interested in developing levels, playtesting, etc. - just ask on #lb3d on our IRC server.

As you may well be aware, security is a big concern for any publicly visible server, such as Molotov, and our new technical "dude", Phil Stoneman, has been keeping Molotov up to date with all the latest security relases for Linux. However, we would...


Posted on 1st March 2002

Molotov is going down from 10pm Sunday, 3rd March, for routine maintenance. We expect Molotov to be up and running again well before 11pm, but this depends on any difficulties we may encounter. Services affected: all those on Molotov, including the website, IRC and games servers. The exec e-mail address will continue to function as normal.


Posted on 27th February 2002

Well, we've had s6, we've all screwed up our sleep patterns, and now we have a new Exec too. So, here they are:

President: Henry Southgate, Vice President: Adam Bowen, Secretary: David de la Motte, Treasurer: Chris Fanning, Socials Secretary: Tom Cropper, Technical Consultant: Phil Stoneman and Webmaster: James Ross.

So, don't forget to slap... um.. congratulate them next time you see them... if you ever see them again...

LANs and Stuff

Posted on 6th February 2002

Well, LANs are all very well, but we ran out of room on the provisional signup list for s6 in under 48 hours - but never fear - we could be holding a really, no, really, big LAN party at the end of term 3, in week 30. However, we need to know now many people are really interested, so please signup for it if you would like and/or would come to such a LAN (more details).

What's going on?

Posted on 29th January 2002

It's week 4 now, and we've already done a lot this term, but don't fear if you've missed out - there's plenty more still to come! We, as always, have our twice weekly gaming sessions at 10pm (9pm in the airport) on Friday and Saturday nights in ITS011 (under L3), and the open source project is still going at 6pm in Meeting Room 6, Union North, every Sunday.

And that's just our regular events... we also have a Laserquest outting planned for Wednesday week 5, and the Allnighter LAN party (including the CompS...

Welcome Back

Posted on 9th January 2002

Well, a new term is upon us, and we've got Molotov back up and running (as you can see). We hope you enjoyed your Christmas holiday, and are ready for some great events this term.

Update: you can find full details of the downtime on the downtime page.

The End of Term

Posted on 8th December 2001

The end of term is upon us, and you've all gone home, and campus is closed. You may be wondering what you're going to do for the next 4 weeks, well, you can hang around on our IRC server, for general chat on #compsoc, or discussing games on #games. You could, of course, help with our open source project Lightbikes 3D - any help is welcome! But, whatever you do in the next 4 weeks, have a good Christmas.

New website

Posted on 30th November 2001

Well, here it is at last, the new-look and feel CompSoc website. You should find everything working, including signups for socials! More will be added to the site over the coming weeks, including an updated technical section, and the minutes from exec meetings.

Don't forget the HTML Tutorial on Monday (5pm, Union North) - it's going to cover tables, possibly frames (depends on time) and the most important thing for any website: CSS.


Posted on 9th November 2001

"He looked at the page in disbelief. Two letters, 12 points tall, stood there staring back defiantly. Two letters that offered so much. Two letters which could take so much. In his mind flash visions of helicopters, rails, redeemers and AWPs. Visions of the Zerg and of the Soviets. Visions of a rally car navigating a two-right-over-crest. And he knew that it was his destiny."

That's right folks - the LAN is coming... and it's going to be big! Starting at 8pm on Friday 16th continuing until 10pm on Sunday 1...