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AGM Results

Posted on 5th February 2014

The results of the AGM which took place today are:

Academic president: Christopher Leonard (veltas)
Gaming president: Maddy Young (metalgabu)
Tech officer: Rayhaan Jaufeerally (rayhaan)
Secretary: Tom Hoare (MisterMarmite)
Treasurer: Will Seymour (mcnutty)
Social secretary: Martin Dalzell (robot527)

Congratulations to all new exec!

We also decided to create a new marketing/publicity officer role. This role would involve creating posters and generally publicising the society better, and helping get the wo...

Announcing the Annual General Meeting 2014

Posted on 21st January 2014

The 2014 Annual General Meeting of the Computing Society (UWCS) shall be held on the 5th of February at 3pm, in the Student Union HQ's Central Meeting Area.

The AGM is the opportunity for members to vote on changes to the society's constitution, and also the time for members to elect the new executives of the society.

Details about the event, as well as the election process, can be found on the event page.

ProgComp Results!

Posted on 29th November 2013

Thanks a lot to everyone who took part in our speed programming competition yesterday evening, sponsored by Red Gate. I was really surprised with the number of people who had a solution to all four problems! The winner was David Purser, who solved all four problems, solving question 3 in O(n) time, who gets the fabulous prize! Most people who solved question x gave the minimax style solution, however a special mention goes to Alex Best who came up with the max flow style...

RedGate Lightning Talks & Progcomp #3 Results!

Posted on 16th November 2013

Announcing our lightning talks from RedGate next Wednesday, from 4:30-6pm in MS104.

RedGate will be coming in to give us 4 lightning talks on different topics:

Tom Smith (Software Engineer and former Intern) – ‘Programming in the real world’
Forbes Lindesay (Software Engineer and former Intern) – ‘Ventures’
Aegir Thorsteinsson (Web App Developer) – ‘Down Tools Week’
Chirayu Shishodiya (Software Engineer and former Intern) – ‘Developing at Red Gate’

RedGate are a very cool company - they have been announc...

ComputerMinds Guest Talk & Progcomp.2 Results!

Posted on 2nd November 2013

Announcing our guest talk from Steven from ComputerMinds next Wednesday. The talk will take place from 1-2pm in LIB2.

Title: Do IT projects always fail, go over budget, and disappoint?

Between the theoretical dream of Agile software development and fixed price waterfalls of project management there is the hard reality of delivering a IT project with a fixed budget but changing requirements. We explore some real world examples of how software projects have run and what compromises have had to be ...

ProgComp Results!

Posted on 15th October 2013

This evening we ran our first speed programming competition of the term. This was the first of a series of fortnightly programming competitions we are running, which will hopefully have a sponsored prize for the best overall competitor at the end of term! Stay tuned for more details on this.

The competition was won by Thomas Kiley, a third year Discrete Maths student who managed to successfully answer the first three questions and had a go at the fourth. In second place with Richard Townsend who got questi...

New Socials Officer

Posted on 9th October 2013

Congratulations to our new Socials Officer hir142.

Welcome, freshers!

Posted on 2nd October 2013

Welcome, freshers, to UWCS. I'm sending out a newsletter that you'll receive by email (or can view on the website if not a member) later in the week detailing what's going on in the next fortnight or so.

For this week, at least, we have the first gaming session on Friday. Details in the 'Events' section of the website, as always!

You can join the society at your leisure here:

Election of new Socials Officer

Posted on 1st October 2013

Greetings compsoc,

Unfortunately our current social sec runite will be unable to carry on with his role this academic year, so we will need a new Socials Officer, to run from now until the coming AGM half way through term 2, and to help in the transition period until the end of term 2 if need be.

The election meeting for the new Socials Officer will occur next week, on Wednesday 9th October at 5pm in MS.04.

To stand for the role you must be a member of the society, eligible for being an executive of a Un...

SIBE Hackathon

Posted on 29th June 2013

The hackathon we ran in collaboration with SIBE last weekend was a success, with some students staying up the entire night to create their solution!

The competition was won by a team from Sheffield University, who created a web platform for campaign organisations using Twitter Bootstrap, winning £250. CompSoc came second place, with a competing web platform winning £200. Third place was Adam Roberts, an independent developer from Liverpool who created an iOS app.

An article about the hackathon was publis...