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Week 9 Newsletter

Posted on 7th March 2010

Hey CompSoc,

For those of you still alive after the Real Ale festival, here's a
newsletter for this week.

We have our regular pub social at the Phantom Coach on Monday and Gaming
on Friday in DCS.
We're also having our exec meeting on Friday this week before Gaming, so
feel free to come along and watch us attempt to prevent the society
spiralling into chaos.

This week's events
Pub Social on Mon, 8th March

Exec Meeting on F...

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Term 2 Week 8

Posted on 3rd March 2010

Greetings CompSoc!

Since the new exec are getting used to pretending to know what's going on, I thought it was about time for some spam e-mail.

This week is of course the Real Ale Festival, that a lot of people have been really looking forward to, which is on in the evening on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We recommend you join us for the official CompSoc visit on Thursday, we're meeting at 6pm at the Copper rooms, hope to see you there.
We also have our regular gaming session on Friday for the usual f...

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Term 1 Week 5

Posted on 1st November 2009

Greetings CompSoc!

Unfortunately this week Mogmiester is marooned somewhere remote, so
you're stuck with my ramblings instead of his.

If you're not aware, there is a LAN party coming up in a few weeks.
Signups are already pretty full, so please checkout for more details ASAP.

Not much else to say really other than what we have this week, which
is the same sort of fun as usual! You might want to note that I am
doing a Python Programming tutorial on Wednesday. Hopeful...

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Term 1 Week 4

Posted on 25th October 2009

Sup CompSoc.

We have an exec meeting tomorrow at 5-6. Please come along and raise any
points you wish to raise, or come along just see see your friendly exec
members in action! After that we will be heading down to the pub as usual.

I hope that the first half of term 1 was ok, and that any freshers flu
you caught
has now cleared up. With any luck you've been enjoying the socials we've been
putting on for you. If you haven't been to any yet, then this is week
your chance!

This week is also the week we wil...

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Term 1 Week 3

Posted on 18th October 2009

Hello Compsoc!

After a lengthy discussion at Friday's exec meeting, we have decided
that we will no longer be advertising food as part of the pre-gaming
social. You can order food if you want, but please be aware that even
if the dirty duck is full, we won't be moving over to Rootes Social
building or the like. If you liked food at the social and think this was the
wrong decision to make, or if you have any other ways you think that
the society could be improved, you should come along to the exec
meeting n...

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Term 1 Week 2

Posted on 10th October 2009

Hello CompSoc!

First of all, a big welcome to all the new freshers! I hope that
you've had an action packed first week, without too many hangovers!
Hopefully you turned up to gaming yesterday, but if not then have no
fear, as it runs every Friday.

There will be a freshers social this Monday, which you should come
along to and meet the exec, after which those that are interested will
be able to walk to the pub with us to have a bite to eat, chat to
current members, and possibly have a pint.

We will be hea...

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Newsletter for 16 October 2008

Posted on 16th October 2008

Welcome to Warwick and to what is the first compsoc newsletter, going out
in week 3, easily demonstrating the ruthless effienciency of your beloved

We'd like to welcome in particular the new freshers who have joined our
ranks and encourage you guys to take part in as many of our activities as
possible be they gaming, academic or just plain socials.

Probably the most important event for this week is the fresher's social
which is going to be happening from 3:30-6:00 this Saturday in SO.28. Just
drop i...

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Newsletter for 11 January 2008

Posted on 11th January 2008


Welcome to back to Warwick. We all hope you have a relaxed Christmas
break and a New Year's you can't remember! We're about to kick off the
CompSoc 2008 year with the events below.

--- Timetable ------------------------------

This week:

- Friday, 20:00, DCS, Gaming Session
- Monday 14th, 19:30, Phantom Coach, Pub Social
- Friday 18th, 20:00, LIB1/2, LAN-1 of 2008

(Please see: for updated list)

-- Notices -------------------------------------------

- Th...

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Newsletter for 3 December 2007

Posted on 3rd December 2007

Hi All,

Its the very last week of term! We'd like to wish you all a very
relaxing break for Christmas and hope to see as many of you as possible
in the New Year!

--- Timetable ------------------------------

This week:

- Monday, 18:30, Pub Social, Phantom Coach
- Wednesday, 15:00-16:00, DCS, Exec Meeting
- Wednesday, 19:00, A0.23 Social Studies, WUGLUG Meeting
- Friday, 19:00-20:00, The Graduate, Pre-Gaming Social
- Friday, 20:00-04:00, DCS, Gaming

(Please see:

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Newsletter for 24 November 2007

Posted on 24th November 2007

Hi All,

Its almost the end of term! This week we have a Christmas Social, Gaming
and a guest lecture from IBM on virtualisation.

--- Timetable ------------------------------

This week:

- Monday, 18:30, Pub Social, Phantom Coach
- Wednesday, 14:00-15:00, L4 (Science Concourse), IBM Guest Lecture
(Virtualise Everything and Save the Planet!)
- Wednesday, 16:00-17:00, DCS, Exec Meeting
- Wednesday, 19:00, A0.23 Social Studies, WUGLUG Meeting
- Friday 30th November, 18:00-21:00, Wing Wah's, Society Christm...

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