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Newsletter January 13th

Posted on 13th January 2014

Greetings CompSoc!

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays. If you didn't, why not come along to one of our gaming or programming events and cheer yourself up?

This term we have our usual weekly pub socials on Mondays, weekly programming workshops, and weekly Friday night gaming as usual alongside XING. Event details for this week further down.

Signups are open for the first LAN of term in week 4, another LAN to come week 8.

We also expect at least a couple extra academic talks, and are arranging a trip to...

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Compsoc Newsletter, 29th May 2013

Posted on 29th May 2013

Greetings CompSoc!

In-between owning exams you may be interested in coming to one of the events we have over the next two weeks, including gaming with a Dawn of War tournament, going to Crash with compsoc, football with compsoc, or the Internet Problem Solving Contest. Also, just announced:

To the uninitiated, the BFL (Big Fu... *ahem* Friendly LAN party), is the almighty 5-day annual end-of-year LAN event that gives you your money's worth for your (increasingly expensive) d...

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Compsoc Newsletter 27th April 2013

Posted on 27th April 2013

Greetings CompSoc!

This term we're planning for tournaments every gaming session, revision football, at least 2 programming competitions, post-exam BBQ, and two LANs (including the BFL, a LAN in Week 10 over 5 days).

*WRONG*: In the coming week we're having the Exam LAN. Come along and waste precious revision hours with all the usual great people, and maybe join in with the StarCraft 2 or Counter-Strike: Source tournaments.

*CORRECTION: Exam LAN will be held Week...

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Compsoc Newsletter 04/03/13

Posted on 4th March 2013

Greetings CompSoc!

This week we're holding a LAN, going to Crash, going to see Wreck-it Ralph in the Odeon in Coventry, and having the annual Exec Handover Meal. Links to details in the next section.

FREE ONLINE TEXTBOOKS at --- email secretary at for signup key to get $10 worth of credit.

FRIDAY NIGHT GAMING SURVEY in the following link, the exec will try to use it to make gaming better:

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AGM Results

Posted on 10th February 2011

Greetings CompSoc!

The AGM is over and the results of the exec elections are as follows:

Academic President - Alex Wilson (MrWilson)
Gaming President - Thomas Doherty (TeamDoherty)
Secretary - Michael Clarke (MikeCobra)
Treasurer - Matthew Cranham (cranman)
Tech. Officer - Benedict Falconer (zed0)
Socials Officer - Alex Martin (EvilGenius666)

Gaming Officer Role

We are now looking to appoint a Gaming Officer. This role involves:

- Setting up gaming each week
- Cleaning up gaming each week
- He...

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Last March of SigmaD: Also, AGM reminder

Posted on 9th February 2011

Greetings CompSoc,

Just to remind you that our AGM is tomorrow at 7pm in S0.13. Attendance is probably compulsory if you're running for a position.

Is there a way to vote that doesn't involve leaving a computer I hear you ask. Why yes, there is indeed.
You can go to and vote online/cast a proxy vote. Note that if you intend to do this, you need to do so BEFORE 12:00 today(9th Feb), so the person responsible(me) has time to collate this data before the election.


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