Archive date: February 2016

Last minutes before AGM!

Posted on 24th February 2016

-LAN rota is up!
-We got told the tale of Maddy flirting with Marmite in second year, it was great.

Minutes Week 4

Posted on 3rd February 2016

-Phillammon has sent emails to warwick big screen and eben from rPi.
-Phillammon is about to do gaming survey - make it a web link.
-Rayhaan will send survey once its written.
-Rayhaan: get LAN trolley.
-LAN rota is filled.
-External people need to go through the SU pls.
-Rhiba buy cleaning stuff.
-We have enough duck tape \o/
-New music server works with names.
-Need to organise Will and Alex nandos.
-In next email, advertise AGM. (and facebook)
-Rhiba: create AGM event.
-Room: B2.01 (Sci Conc) Date(s): We...