Archive date: January 2016

Minutes 27/01/16

Posted on 27th January 2016

Present: mcnutty, phillammon, rayhaan, marmite, hermit and tankski

-Lanrota is in progress, rhiba and maddy should sign up for slots
-LAN to be advertised in newsletter and on facebook
-need trolley this time, try not to get equipment rained on
-no progress on big screen gaming
-rhiba will book a room for AGM during week 7 or 8. Running just on the day should be fine

h2. Action overflow

(it's back baby!)
-phillammon to remember to progress big screen gaming
-rhiba to send newsletter with LAN in it, sign ...

We have liftoff!

Posted on 25th January 2016

Server migration is complete as of 10:35 UTC today :D
If you have any problems or questions please post in #techteam on


Posted on 20th January 2016

Phillammon, rhiba, hermit, ness and mcnutty present.

-Migration to Nodd is done! (Alex owes Will a Nandos.)
-rhiba: Look into online voting.
-Need to plan AGM: suggest week 8 at LAN. Do handover in term 3 instead.
-Phillammon needs the list of things to buy from Maddy.
-Phillammon needs to get gaming survey template and do it.
-Phoach under new management - is this a possibility now? Refurb done by end of February.
-people want to have names on the music server. Will: do this.
-anime kareoke at gaming and ...

Migration: reloaded

Posted on 19th January 2016

TL;DR we're moving away from codd on the 25th. If you have anything running please move it to in the next two weeks. The domain will be updated accordingly in just over two weeks. The new IRC server is up at

You may remember me writing at the end of last term about us migrating our hosting infrastructure. I said it would be done by the end of term, and you might have gathered by now that we didn't manage to pull that off. Sorry about that.

After dealing with one o...

13/01/2016 Minutes

Posted on 13th January 2016

-Talked about migration, Will is doing Apache and Gallera, Rayhaan is almost done with Unreal IRC, and ports are now open!
-Need to schedule AGM so it doesn't conflict with Game Design.
-Phillammon: organise a big screen gaming event at the end of term.