Archive date: November 2015


Posted on 24th November 2015

got trolley
susan miller is upset at our spelling mistakes from 2005
lanrota - sign up!
rhiba - put up minutes
marmite - get christmas tree! + lights
got tape
phillammon: sign up for lan
veltas not making talk anymore
wingwah! animesoc will book, but set up an event
secret santa signups! close a week before
all exec: turn up for goddamn meeting next week especially


Posted on 15th November 2015

You might have noticed we've had a bit of down time recently - sorry about that! We're in the process of a complete overhaul of our hosting infrastructure, with a planned completion date of November the 27th. Unfortunately there will have to be a little bit more downtime, but we'll do all we can to keep it to a minimum. Planned outages are as follows:

Tuesday 17th November: approx 1 hour, sometime between 1100 and 1700 UTC
(MySQL only)

Friday 27th November: approx 2 hours, sometime between 1100 and 1700 U...


Posted on 3rd November 2015

-Is Veltas making a talk?
-Did Rhiba get cleaning suplies?

*mcnutty to track down where the hell our £100 of duct tape went
-Nodd migration will be next Wednesday assuming nothing catches fire and it really was just a faulty power cable
*someone to email people with hosting about recent downtime
-could make
*mcnutty to email Jackie about the talk tomorrow
*rhiba to add next LAN to the newsletter
*hermit to post about next LAN to facebook
*metalgabu to make sure that someone is at gaming on F...