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Minutes 27/10/15

Posted on 27th October 2015


Minutes 27/10/15

Posted on 27th October 2015

-Codd is being migrated to Nodd soon (not determined yet). We will move over IRC and have both IRCs running simultaneously for a while and give people many reminders to switch before we finally kill Codd.
-Need to do a gaming survey at some point.
-Put a description of the tables in the LAN description.
-Email Jackie about the Simon Tatham talk, to broadcast it.
-Pizza at the talk! Just buy 4 or 5 large ones.
-Need to ask Roger for the LAN trolley.
-LAN Tournament! Something scary? Hearthstone? Phillammon d...


Posted on 20th October 2015

-Need to email Varsity about discount.
-Nodd migration waiting on LDAP
-Want to buy Rocket League on PS4
-Will is going through rocket stuff with Warwick Rockets - no action here yet.
-Set up LAN at 5pm, start 6pm

h2. Phillammon

-Buy rocket league for ps4 (eventually)

Shell Talk

Posted on 19th October 2015

Thank you everyone for coming along to the shell talk today! You can find the slides at

Minutes 14/10/15

Posted on 14th October 2015

-We get 10% off at Varsity!
-We are remaking irc at some point when Nodd migration is complete.
-Need to send out an information message before irc goes down.
-We want Rocket League on PS4.
-Talk to Warwick student cinema about streaming our charity event, with League Soc, Dota Soc, Nintendo Soc (?) and Game design.
-The charity could be a Games to Hospitals charity or similar.
-Need to talk with all society exec.
-Exec meeting is now Tuesday 2-3pm.

h2. mcnutty

Talk to student cinema (friend).

h2. rhib...

Minutes 07/10/15

Posted on 7th October 2015

-Need gaming keys cut.
-Gaming will be in 006.
-Consoles are in the LAN cupboard.
-Looking into hanging the banner in DCS somewhere. Matt and Roger say this is fine, just need to do it.
-IBM is week 7 wednesday.
-Bletchley is week 3 saturday. Look into train times.
-Will and Rhiba are getting mini bus licences!
-Newsletter after freshers fair.
-Email to DCS with compsoc info on it. Jackie?
- Shell talk, Will is talking to Mike Joy.
-Look at other computing society sponsors and follow them.
-No Phillammon sp...


Posted on 3rd October 2015

Welcome to Warwick!

This Friday (9th Oct) we will be having our first Friday Gaming of term, along with XING, our programming workshop, in the room next door. It's held in the Department of Computer Science, which is next to Maths. The building requires card access, but for our first event we will station someone next to the door to open it for you, but in future (or if no one is there), you can always knock on the window and someone will let you in! It's 8pm until 8am, you're allowed to bring food and dri...