Archive date: June 2015

Minutes - 17/06/2015

Posted on 17th June 2015

-Gokarting moved to 3pm pickup due to a lack of available slots, everyone affected knows
-Trubydoor asked if the WGD 48hr could be held at BFL because WGD had their booking revoked (after it was confirmed) because there was an open day. It was mentioned that there might not be room in Lib2, but at the time of the meeting there were still >50% of the seats still available. Even accounting for last minute sign ups on the day this is unlikely to cause an issue.
-BFL was only booked from 3pm due to legacy reaso...

Minutes - 10th June 2015

Posted on 10th June 2015

Marmite's Musings: I'm on 2 hours sleep and have an exam tomorrow. Stop expecting wittiness from me you vultures.
Wordart is underused.

Marmite's skeleton notes, to be fleshed out later when he's less braindead:

-More detail on discussion, clearer conclusions in minutes
-Gokarting money collection, should be doable manually, aim to finish by friday gaming
-BFL: newsletter for signups, plan out events/tournys, get hands on controllers, rota to come
-Open day: something informative & engaging (wordart! expl...

Minutes - 03/06/2015

Posted on 3rd June 2015

ITS payment is done
Big screen for BFL not yet done
Rockets meeting is/was straight after this one
Phillammon will contact Vlambeer and Extra Credits to ask for a skype talk/Q&A
mcnutty will organise those academic talks he said he would and finalise IBM visit
CRT has taken up residence next to the cupboard
Open day is Friday week 9 - should tell DCS we'll pack up early, names and fun things to demo not yet finalised
-Slideshow of stuff we do?
-Classroom Aquatic hooked up to the rift?
Should ask DCS if we c...