Archive date: February 2015

IRC Guide

Posted on 25th February 2015

We finally have a step-by-step guide on how to join us on IRC! It can be found here:


We encourage all of our members to join our IRC network, as it's a fun, interesting and sometimes very useful (coursework help etc)!

Minutes 25/02/15

Posted on 25th February 2015

Present: rayhaan, mcnutty, hermit, phillammon, kirby, rhiba, marmite

Next meeting: Wed 4th March, 1pm

h1. Academic

-Will met with president of warwick tech, they both want us to work together. Warwick tech have a lot of non CS stuff going on but would be good to collaborate on hackathons. BCS want outreach, so they liked warwick tech, although now we’re going to “share” affiliation with warwick tech. Meet up with them once a term to work out whats going on with BCS. Can include it in our branding! Overa...

Minutes 18/02/2015

Posted on 19th February 2015

Present: rayhaan, mcnutty, hermit, phillammon, kirby, rhiba, murtag

Next meeting: Wed 25th February, 1pm

h1. Academic

-contact with Michelle D'Israeli - she posted on facebook group, Will messaged her (shes past exec) she hasn’t replied
-contact with DCS - phillammon and mcnutty went to see matt leeke and roger, theyre happy with gaming, things seemed good, matt wants to have events with us and share resources, appear at open days with oculus. Want people on the new DCS website (preferably computi...

Minutes - 11th February 2015

Posted on 11th February 2015

Present: hermit, maddy, kirby, marmite, mcnutty, phillammon, rayhaan, rhiba, robot

Next meeting: Wed 18th February, 1pm

h1. Academic

-Mcnutty is planning on arranging a meeting with Matt Leeke to talk about running events like talks with DCS
-Decided to let go of the MSL stuff since the contact is not returning emails.

h1. Gaming

-Talked about advertising Occulus Rift more, bringing it out at every gaming and LAN. Mcnutty has it working on his computer.
-Xbox guy (Joe) has stuff for a Halo ...

Minutes - 4th February 2015

Posted on 4th February 2015

Present: rhiba, maddy, phillammon, veltas, robot, alice, marmite, mcnutty, rayhaan, hiren

Next meeting: Wed 11th February, 1pm

h1. Academic

-Adding XING to events page.
-Talked about changing programming workshops name as it is not really a programming workshop, more of a “laptop and tea” meeting.
-Talked about changing XINGS name, no decision so far.
-Mcnutty has talked to Mike Joy about running events with DCS. Department would possibly be happy to advertise for us, and put us in contact wit...