Archive date: March 2014

Minutes - 12th March 2014

Posted on 12th March 2014

Present: Veltas, rayhaan, zed0, metalgabu, hermit, murtag, hir142

h1. Academic

*ACTION*: veltas to foward Comic Con email to animesoc and Robot.
*ACTION*: veltas to look up IPSC date

h1. Gaming

-Phil said he'd cover gaming this weekend
*ACTION*: metalgabu to buy PS controllers (and battery?) needed
-Murtag will 'hack the Wii' to play some silly game
*ACTION*: rayhaan to buy Oculus Rift
-Need to ask about how DCS disposes ...

Minutes - 5th March 2014

Posted on 5th March 2014

*Present*: veltas, murtag, ruth, rayhaan, robot, marmite, crumpet, mcnutty, phil, oli, hermit

h1. Academic

h1. Gaming

h1. Tech

h1. Socials

h1. Misc

-Reimbursement requests
-Exec contact sheet

h1. Action overflow:

h2. All Exec

h2. murtag

-contact gaming cafe, ask prices, invite to exec meeting

h2. veltas

h2. rayhaan

-O'Reilly user groups

h2. marmite

h2. robot

h2. mcnutty

h2. maddy

-get new gaming keys cut