Archive date: November 2013

ProgComp Results!

Posted on 29th November 2013

Thanks a lot to everyone who took part in our speed programming competition yesterday evening, sponsored by Red Gate. I was really surprised with the number of people who had a solution to all four problems! The winner was David Purser, who solved all four problems, solving question 3 in O(n) time, who gets the fabulous prize! Most people who solved question x gave the minimax style solution, however a special mention goes to Alex Best who came up with the max flow style...

Minutes - 28th November 2013

Posted on 28th November 2013

*Present*: veltas, murtag, ruth, rayhaan, Crumpet, hir, zed0

h1. Academic

-ruth: Progcomp is today, there's a super prize
-ruth: Possible talk from Candle corp next term
-Trip to be booked for week 3 term 2
-Also need to sort out transport
*ACTION*: veltas to look at how payment was done last time and base it on that
-ruth: Ben to do bentime stories

h1. Gaming

-Roger found the remote randomly, was not impressed with us losing it...

Minutes - 21st November 2013

Posted on 21st November 2013

*Present*: veltas, hir142, argha, mcnutty, murtag, rayhaan, ruth

h1. Academic

-ruth: RedGate talk stuff - it went incredibly well, probably because they gave us marketing materials and the company's quite good, also on careers day
-ruth: final progcomp next week - sponsored? Yet to find out
-Bletchley park to do still
-ruth doing a talk next week
-ruth: not going to have weekly talks next term

h1. Gaming

-Big screen stuff?
-murtag: going ...

RedGate Lightning Talks & Progcomp #3 Results!

Posted on 16th November 2013

Announcing our lightning talks from RedGate next Wednesday, from 4:30-6pm in MS104.

RedGate will be coming in to give us 4 lightning talks on different topics:

Tom Smith (Software Engineer and former Intern) – ‘Programming in the real world’
Forbes Lindesay (Software Engineer and former Intern) – ‘Ventures’
Aegir Thorsteinsson (Web App Developer) – ‘Down Tools Week’
Chirayu Shishodiya (Software Engineer and former Intern) – ‘Developing at Red Gate’

RedGate are a very cool company - they have been announc...

Minutes - 14th November 2013

Posted on 14th November 2013

*Present*: ruth, murtag, veltas, rayhaan, hiren

h1. Academic

-ruth: everyone invite everyone to RedGate talks!

h1. Gaming

-murtag: drumkit arrived, Soul Calibur V being shipped
-murtag: Got a whole bunch of survey responses
*ACTION*: murtag to talk to roger about remote.
*ACTION*: ruth to set up LAN rota.
-murtag to do minecraft stuff for coming LAN probably

h1. Tech

-veltas: maybe make a Tech team again? Seems to be de-facto ...

Minutes - 7th November 2013

Posted on 7th November 2013

*Present*: veltas, murtag, hir142, crumpet, ruth, zed0, rayhaan, mcnutty

h1. Social

-ruth: Crash has been organised.
-We are going to organise Pop alongside animesoc.
*ACTION*: hir142 to add himself to contact page on website.
*ACTION*: hir142 to organise Lazerquest for week 9.
*ACTION*: argha to give admin to hir142 on the website.
*ACTION*: all exec to sign up for Pop on Facebook (who's going).

h1. Academic

-ruth: Free food wa...

ComputerMinds Guest Talk & Progcomp.2 Results!

Posted on 2nd November 2013

Announcing our guest talk from Steven from ComputerMinds next Wednesday. The talk will take place from 1-2pm in LIB2.

Title: Do IT projects always fail, go over budget, and disappoint?

Between the theoretical dream of Agile software development and fixed price waterfalls of project management there is the hard reality of delivering a IT project with a fixed budget but changing requirements. We explore some real world examples of how software projects have run and what compromises have had to be ...