Archive date: October 2013

Minutes - 31st October 2013

Posted on 31st October 2013

*Present*: veltas, ruth, zed0, murtag, rayhaan, mcnutty, crumpet, hir142, Argha

h1. Academic

-Someone in software engineering class to announce talk.
-Programming competition went fine.
-zed0's talk was good.

h1. Gaming

-Gaming survey to finish.
-Murtag arranged to talk to 'big screen lady'.
-zed0: Would be a good idea to have a tournament in the piazza.
-zed0: NUEL tournament group stages start this Friday.

h2. Upcoming LAN


Minutes - 24th October 2013

Posted on 24th October 2013

*Present*: murtug, hir142, Crumpet, mcnutty, veltas, argha~, zed0*, ruth^

h1. Academic

-Argha: Corefiling clashed with year 2 thing.
*ACTION*: Veltas to book a room plx kthxbye for zed0.
-ruth: Redgate emailed (to do a talk and sponsor a programming competition), we're waiting on that.
-Progcomp moved to wednesday (to avoid clashing with annual spooky day).

h1. Gaming

*ACTION*: Murtag to ebay a new drumkit
*ACTION*: Murtag to bu...

ProgComp Results!

Posted on 15th October 2013

This evening we ran our first speed programming competition of the term. This was the first of a series of fortnightly programming competitions we are running, which will hopefully have a sponsored prize for the best overall competitor at the end of term! Stay tuned for more details on this.

The competition was won by Thomas Kiley, a third year Discrete Maths student who managed to successfully answer the first three questions and had a go at the fourth. In second place with Richard Townsend who got questi...

New Socials Officer

Posted on 9th October 2013

Congratulations to our new Socials Officer hir142.

Minutes - 7th October 2013

Posted on 7th October 2013

*Present*: Veltas, murtag, hir142, ruth, Crumpet, dirtus, zed0, argha*

h1. Academic

-ruth: Little prizes could be a good idea for academic competitions.
-Good idea to do progcomps fortnightly.
-Crumpet: maybe other weeks do workshops?
-NextJump buying people drinks etc., maybe academic talk earlier in the day.
-zed0 confirmed for talk week 5.
-Company sends: "I think it might be interesting to essentially do a case study of a rece...

Welcome, freshers!

Posted on 2nd October 2013

Welcome, freshers, to UWCS. I'm sending out a newsletter that you'll receive by email (or can view on the website if not a member) later in the week detailing what's going on in the next fortnight or so.

For this week, at least, we have the first gaming session on Friday. Details in the 'Events' section of the website, as always!

You can join the society at your leisure here:

Election of new Socials Officer

Posted on 1st October 2013

Greetings compsoc,

Unfortunately our current social sec runite will be unable to carry on with his role this academic year, so we will need a new Socials Officer, to run from now until the coming AGM half way through term 2, and to help in the transition period until the end of term 2 if need be.

The election meeting for the new Socials Officer will occur next week, on Wednesday 9th October at 5pm in MS.04.

To stand for the role you must be a member of the society, eligible for being an executive of a Un...