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SIBE Hackathon

Posted on 29th June 2013

The hackathon we ran in collaboration with SIBE last weekend was a success, with some students staying up the entire night to create their solution!

The competition was won by a team from Sheffield University, who created a web platform for campaign organisations using Twitter Bootstrap, winning £250. CompSoc came second place, with a competing web platform winning £200. Third place was Adam Roberts, an independent developer from Liverpool who created an iOS app.

An article about the hackathon was publis...

Minutes - 3rd June 2013

Posted on 3rd June 2013


  1. *Present*: zed0, Murtag, ruth, Gaylord, Veltas, james

h1. Academic

-Ruth: Hackathon will be Sunday of Week 9, to Monday.
-Also there is an iLab event Monday.
-IPSC, the internet prog comp, is this Saturday.
-Amazon voucher quite possibly prize for this, since we don't have anything else planned.

h1. Gaming

*ACTION*: Murtag to get advertisement posters sorted for BFL tournaments.
-Murtag: Peddle ordered.
-Moltenfire ha...