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Compsoc Newsletter, 29th May 2013

Posted on 29th May 2013

Greetings CompSoc!

In-between owning exams you may be interested in coming to one of the events we have over the next two weeks, including gaming with a Dawn of War tournament, going to Crash with compsoc, football with compsoc, or the Internet Problem Solving Contest. Also, just announced:

To the uninitiated, the BFL (Big Fu... *ahem* Friendly LAN party), is the almighty 5-day annual end-of-year LAN event that gives you your money's worth for your (increasingly expensive) d...

Minutes - 27th May 2013

Posted on 27th May 2013

*Present*: ruth, Veltas, "LordCrumpet", Murtag, zed0

h1. Academic

-Ruth: Still waiting on the date of the iLab hackathon to avoid clashing with our own hackathon.
-Ruth has emailed them and will follow this up.
-zed0 happy to do a talk next term.
*ACTION*: zed0 *and* Ruth to do talk next term.
-Ruth: Idea to post past exam paper solutions online.
-Consensus was to do so ensuring permissions from relevant people as we go along, i.e...

Minutes - 20th May 2013

Posted on 20th May 2013

No Agenda
*Present*: Murtag, zed0, Veltas, "Crumpet", hir142

h1. Gaming

*ACTION*: Murtag to buy Wii Sports for Wii and Modern Warfare 3 for 360.
-Decided tournament budget was £10 per tournament at BFL, £20 for main tournament.
*ACTION*: Murtag to email list of games companies that might sponsor BFL to Veltas.
*ACTION*: Veltas to ask games companies about sponsorship for BFL, Razer and Monster as ideas too.
-Consensus on broken drum peddle was it was worth buying the slightly more expensive drum...

Minutes - 13th May 2013

Posted on 13th May 2013

*Present*: zed0, james, argha, olibacon, hir142, dDirtus, ruth, Veltas, Murtag

h1. Academic

-Ruth has found the SIBE hackathon to be completely fair for the programmers involved.
-Code will be used for open source not-for-profit reasons.
-It seems the organisers are hoping a campaign organisation will take it over.

h1. Gaming

h2. Recent LAN

h3. Tournaments

-Murtag felt the tournaments at the recent LAN were reasonable.
-zed0: SC2 tourna...

Minutes - 6th May 2013

Posted on 6th May 2013

*Present*: ruth, Murtag, Veltas, dDirtus

h1. Academic

*ACTION*: Ruth to find out what happens with code for possible upcoming SIBE hackathon.

h1. Gaming

*ACTION*: Murtag to decide which games to buy for PS3 from ruth's source.
*ACTION*: Murtag to immediately sort out posters for LAN tournies.
-Ruth's suggestion: should get BFL sponsored.
-dDirtus suggests talking to icstatic and zx64 about this.
*ACTION*: Murtag to look into getting BFL s...