Archive date: April 2013

Compsoc Newsletter 27th April 2013

Posted on 27th April 2013

Greetings CompSoc!

This term we're planning for tournaments every gaming session, revision football, at least 2 programming competitions, post-exam BBQ, and two LANs (including the BFL, a LAN in Week 10 over 5 days).

*WRONG*: In the coming week we're having the Exam LAN. Come along and waste precious revision hours with all the usual great people, and maybe join in with the StarCraft 2 or Counter-Strike: Source tournaments.

*CORRECTION: Exam LAN will be held Week...

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Minutes - 26th April 2013

Posted on 26th April 2013

h1. Present:

ruth, Murtag, olibacon, Veltas, runite, Moltenfire, zed0

h1. Minutes:

h2. Academic

-Looking at two prog comps later on in the term.
-Internet programming competition probably week 7.
-Google funded programming competition week 8 or 9.
-Veltas mentioned possibility of arranging an academic trip (for next academic year).
-Suggestions to organise sooner rather than later, with computing museum at Bletchley Park.
*ACTION*: Veltas (and possibly olibacon) to ask "FIRST DAY OF TERM 1 IN AND AMONGS...

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