Archive date: February 2013

48 Hour Progcomp

Posted on 18th February 2013

CompSoc have collaborated with Peter Zaborszky of Best Backups to create a 48 hour competition with fabulous prizes!

The idea will be to either work in a team of two or alone to create something technically interesting to do with backups! Sorry for being vague and mysterious but the specification won’t be released until the start of the competition.

The prizes available are:

- External hard drive, 2TB for 1 person team, 2×1TB for 2 person team

- Online backups – 2 years membership for 1 person team, 2×1...

AGM Results

Posted on 14th February 2013

The AGM was held as planned on 12/02/2013 and the new exec is as follows:

Academic President - Ruth King (ruth)
Gaming President - Matthew Piper (Murtag)
Secretary - Christopher Leonard (ChrisL)
Treasurer - Oliver Raabe
Technical Officer - Argha Sarkar (argha)
Social Secretary - Matthew Mo (Runite)

Congratulations to the new exec!

Christopher Leonard