Archive date: April 2012

Bletchley Park Trip

Posted on 25th April 2012

We are running a trip to Bletchley Park, the world renowned secret wartime code breaking site and birthplace of the modern computer.
There will be a tour around the site and a talk specially for us about cryptanalysis and the Enigma machine.

For more information and to sign up go to


Posted on 23rd April 2012

Minutes - with guest Secretary MrWilson

h2. Present:

Dirtus, Cranman, Agaeki, Moltenfire, MikeCobra, Murtag, zed0, ruth, MrWilson, James

h2. Minutes

-James and MrWilson have had haircuts.
-James baked some bread and showed us pictures. The exec were in awe.
-James doesn't want to drive a train when he's older

h3. The Durham Situation

-Some kind of collaborative programming competition
-What? Irc bots, programming language design, game AI (defcon was mentioned).
-How? Communication through IRC, source...