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Guest Talk from CoreFiling

Posted on 21st November 2011

CompSoc's second guest talk of the term is taking place this Wednesday (23rd of Novemver), courtesy of CoreFiling Ltd.

The talk will be taking place in S0.18, from 1pm, about "Using Machine Learning To Solve Real-World Problems"

"How do you approach a classification problem involving thousands of categories rather than the 'usual’ five or six? What happens when your data-set is several gigabytes and growing? What open-source tools are available, are they any good, and can they be put to commercial use? Ho...

Minutes 10/11/2011

Posted on 10th November 2011

h2. Present:

Cranman, EvilGenius666, James, MikeCobra, MrFabulous, Taby, TD, zed0

h2. Minutes

h3. Academic Talk

-They handle money stuff
*Action:* MikeCobra to send Room Booking

h3. LAN

-Week 9

h3. Barcraft

-Week 8
*Action:* TD to tell union to print posters and such

h3. NUEL

-LoL Tournament

h3. Christmas Meal

-Wing Wah
-Wednesday Week 9
*Action:* Genius' Job

h3. JP Morgan

-Term 2 ProgComp
-Giving us money
-Publicize thing

h3. Bletchley Park

-Trip to said place sometime term 2
*Action:* zed...