Archive date: February 2011

Minutes 21/02/2011

Posted on 21st February 2011

h2. Present:

Apc, Cranman, EvilGenius666, James, MikeCobra, MrWilson, SigmaD, Taby, TD

h2. Minutes

h3. Clothing Order

-Something that SigmaD is doing.
-CompSoc morphsuits?

h3. TEA

-samu: "You should move the exec meeting to TEA"

h3. Joe

-MrWilson is in contact with said person

h3. New Stuff

-Gaming get is in progress.
-Music Server may be done for BFL.
-Don't queue Ke$ha onto the new music server.

h3. Quotes

-MrWilson: “I am the CompSoc monster"
-SigmaD: "I think I'm actually being trolled here...

Minutes 14/02/2011

Posted on 14th February 2011

h2. Present:

connorhd, cranman, dangerman, James, MikeCobra, MrWilson, samu, sinjo, Taby, TeamDoherty, zed0.

h2. Minutes

h3. New Exec Handover

-It’s done.
-Fyorl left 6 months ago.
-Pictures for site.
-zedo: “MrWilson, have any pictures from Crash?”
*Action:* zed0 to change pictures.

h3. Gaming Officer

-dangerman will let apc do it if he wants to.
*Action:* Ask apc if he definitely wants to.
*Action:* Change gaming password.

h3. Bloomberg

-MrWilson when asked how it went: “Pretty okay.”
-Was tidy fo...

AGM Results

Posted on 10th February 2011

The AGM is now over and the results are in as follows:

Academic President - Alex Wilson (MrWilson)
Gaming President - Thomas Doherty (TeamDoherty)
Secretary - Michael Clarke (MikeCobra)
Treasurer - Matthew Cranham (cranman)
Tech. Officer - Benedict Falconer (zed0)
Socials Officer - Alex Martin (EvilGenius666)

We will announce the first exec meeting when a time and place has been decided, feel free to come along and meet us.

Michael Clarke (MikeCobra)

AGM Results

Posted on 10th February 2011

Greetings CompSoc!

The AGM is over and the results of the exec elections are as follows:

Academic President - Alex Wilson (MrWilson)
Gaming President - Thomas Doherty (TeamDoherty)
Secretary - Michael Clarke (MikeCobra)
Treasurer - Matthew Cranham (cranman)
Tech. Officer - Benedict Falconer (zed0)
Socials Officer - Alex Martin (EvilGenius666)

Gaming Officer Role

We are now looking to appoint a Gaming Officer. This role involves:

- Setting up gaming each week
- Cleaning up gaming each week
- He...

Last March of SigmaD: Also, AGM reminder

Posted on 9th February 2011

Greetings CompSoc,

Just to remind you that our AGM is tomorrow at 7pm in S0.13. Attendance is probably compulsory if you're running for a position.

Is there a way to vote that doesn't involve leaving a computer I hear you ask. Why yes, there is indeed.
You can go to and vote online/cast a proxy vote. Note that if you intend to do this, you need to do so BEFORE 12:00 today(9th Feb), so the person responsible(me) has time to collate this data before the election.


Minutes 4/2/2011

Posted on 4th February 2011

h2. Present:

Azurit, TeamDoherty, zed0, MikeCobra, Dangerman, EvilGenius666, APC, Demo, Cranman, Dirtus, MrWilson, Taby, SigmaD.

h2. Minutes:

h3. Elections:

-AGM is on Wednesday at 7pm.
-’Anyone voting for RON will be shot.’ - Azurit
-Secretary handover involves making sure replacement is literate.
-‘If we get all of CompSoc to vote for RON [in the union elections], would that be enough to screw them over?’ - TeamDoherty

h3. Gaming:

-No food at this gaming as DCS in having an open day on Saturday.

Important Gaming Message and AGM

Posted on 3rd February 2011

Greetings CompSoc!

Firstly, as DCS is having an Open Day this Saturday, and the room has been left in a less than perfect state after gaming recently, there will be NO FOOD AT GAMING THIS WEEK. That's STRICTLY NO FOOD ORDERS as well, so eat beforehand this week.

Secondly, our AGM is next Wednesday. I'll be sending out another e-mail once the room has been confirmed, but if you're thinking of applying for a position, please send your manifesto to BEFORE MONDAY. If you have a...

Bloomberg Programming Competition

Posted on 2nd February 2011

The University of Warwick Computing society is pleased to announce its first all day programming competition, for the chance to win several fabulous prizes.

It will take place on Saturday the 12th of February, from 12pm to 6pm, consisting of multiple rounds of problem solving, a catered lunch/social period and a talk by a guest lecturer from Bloomberg, who are generously sponsoring this event.

The venue will be the Department of Computer Science's Terminal Room 1, so there will be ample computers for thos...