Archive date: January 2011

Exec Elections

Posted on 30th January 2011

Greetings CompSoc.

As the AGM is soon, I wanted to inform you about the elections for exec positions in the society and how to apply. I know some of you have already sent in manifestos after I announced this at LAN, don't worry, there's no need to re-send those (Unless you want to of course).

Please send your manifesto to Your manifesto should cover who you are and why you want to be elected to a position in the society. There is no limit on the number of positions you may ...

LAN Issues

Posted on 26th January 2011

Greetings CompSoc

We have a few messages for you about some issues which occurred during

We are also in possession of a grey jumper which was left by Table 1 at the
end of LAN, so contact cranman if it's yours.

Firstly, we are concerned about state of Table 3 at the end of LAN. There
was food trodden into the carpet under the tables, which made the clean-up
a lot harder to complete. Please ensure that you leave your seating area
in a clean manner, as it's unfair on the people cleaning up at the end....

Minutes 25/1/2011

Posted on 25th January 2011

h2. Present:

James, TeamDoherty, MrWilson, EvilGenius666, Connorhd, Dangerman, Sinjo, Taby, MikeCobra, Cranman, SigmaD, monk, Shai, Starspell.

h2. Minutes:

h3. Things to Buy:

-No need to buy 2 Kinects.
-We could re-implement Kinect from a webcam and an infrared LED. (Not really)
-New power reel, vacuum cleaner, cable covers.
-Do it now.

h3. Current Account:

-The current account seems to have disappeared.
*Action*: Cranman to talk to union.
-Also happened to some other societies.

h3. LAN e-mail:


Minutes 18/1/2011

Posted on 18th January 2011

h2. Present:

Zed0, TeamDoherty, MikeCobra, Taby, EvilGenius666, MrWilson, Sinjo, Cranman, SigmaD, Dirtus, Dangerman.

h2. Minutes:

h3. LAN:

-MrWilson will collect the trolley.
*Action*: MrWilson to buy a new power reel.
-The Minecraft server will be reset during LAN.
-’I heard wiping a server and I thought it was something I should care about.’-Sinjo
-Exec rota for LAN now full.
-Limiting the size of the music server buckets generally worked well.
-’Am I the only one creeped out by having cameras at LAN?...

Academic Trip to IBM Hursley

Posted on 16th January 2011

Hello, CompSoc.

CompSoc have organised an Academic Trip with IBM, if you're interested, sign up ASAP. The trip will be a full day event, taking place on the Wednesday of week 3. (8:45-17:00)

E-mail if you're interested.

Description from the website event:

IBM, the world’s largest IT company, invites you for a unique opportunity to visit the cutting-edge environment of our UK Software Development Labs at IBM Hursley, near Winchester and be one of its Innovators for a day! Y...

Minutes 14/1/2011

Posted on 14th January 2011

h2. Present:

SigmaD, starspell, Azurit, TeamDoherty, MrWilson, Cranman, dangerman, Fyorl , Sinjo, Zed0, james

h2. Minutes:

h3. Gaming:

-Dangerman is the new Agaeki.
-The Arora setup is pro, but a complete pain in the arse.
-Fyorl will come to log on computers.
*Action*: dangerman to get gaming password from Roger.
*Action*: Azurit to update Minecraft.

h3. TV:

-We received an e-mail about making a television programme about Computer Programming.
-Maybe mention the Bloomberg ProgComp.
-Should be added t...

CompSoc Newsletter Week 1 Term 2 2011

Posted on 13th January 2011

Greetings CompSoc.

I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday and is ready to start attending CompSoc events again.

Sign-ups for our next LAN are open, taking place on the weekend of week 2. (That's Friday 21 Jan - Sunday 23 Jan)

There is an Exec meeting on Friday this week too, which are open to all members of the society.
If you're thinking of running for a position, then I recommend coming along if you can.

We also have our usual Pub social on Mondays and Gaming on Fridays. Hope to see you there.

This ...