Archive date: December 2010

Minutes 10/12/2010

Posted on 10th December 2010

h2. Present:

Zed0, cranman, Azurit, Agaeki, TeamDoherty, MrWilson, Zaer, MikeCobra, EvilGenius666, Dirtus, SigmaD.

h2. Minutes:

h3. Tech. Issues:

-Most problems are now resolved.
-Codd had suprise downtime.
-Albanian Hacker Team showed up in IRC. Spammed bots.
-‘Why no services?’ - Albanian Hacker Team
-‘We literally got caught with our trousers down.’ - MrWilson
-Only Fyorl has server ops of the current exec - may be resolved.
-Backus was sad, was restarted, repaired file system.
-PhysicsSoc lost a dat...