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Minutes 29/9/10

Posted on 29th September 2010

h2. Present:

MrWilson, TeamDoherty, Kuros, Cranman, Connorhd, SigmaD, Dirtus, Fyorl, Trip, dangerman, Zed0

h2. Minutes:

h3. Posters:

-Connor bought a box full from Sinjo’s cupboard.
-There are extra flyers in Backus’ cupboard.

h3. Banner:

-The union use ratios: 1x2, 1x6, 1x12
-Our current banner design is 1x3
-Connor will fix the pdf and order the banner.

h3. Fresher’s fair:

-Dirtus doesn’t have a timetable yet, so doesn’t know when he’ll be free.
-A google document should be created for the Societi...