Archive date: May 2010

Minutes 26/5/2010

Posted on 26th May 2010

h2. Present:

Mogmiester, Zed0, MrWilson, TeamDoherty, Sinjo, Connorhd, Cranman, Zaer, Odd-bloke, SigmaD

h2. Minutes:

h3. Bloomberg:

-MrWilson and SigmaD thought it went well.
-Got free rubix cubes.
-"Complete non-date I'm sure."-Zed0
-We will hear from Bloomberg in 3 days time.

h3. IBM:

-Want to meet to discuss sponsorship.
-They will come here.

h3. Speed ProgComp:

-~£200 to spend, so there will be smaller prizes than the netbook.
-There will be sweets for during the competition.
*Action*: SigmaD to...

Minutes 21/5/2010

Posted on 21st May 2010

h2. Present:

Demo, Dirtus, Mogmiester, Fyorl, TeamDoherty, Cranman, Connorhd, Sinjo, Zed0, SigmaD, MrWilson, Dangerman, Sadiq, Trip, Viruk Agaeki, Sleeping Guy.

h2. Minutes:

h3. Bloomberg:

-Replied to e-mail.
-MrWilson and SigmaD are going.
-We can be reimbursed for train tickets.
-The presentation will be put on GoogleDocs.

h3. Games testing:

-TeamDoherty replied to the e-mail.
-We will be contacted, a week in advance of when they need testers.
-We should make a d...

CompSoc Week 3 Term 3: LAN and BFL signups

Posted on 16th May 2010

Greetings CompSoc!

Some important announcements this week, LAN sign-ups are open for both
the week 5 LAN and the BFL. Make sure to sign-up early to avoid
disappointment.(Maybe not so much for the week 5 Exam-LAN.)

The Week 5 LAN will also have the speed programming competition, more
details on this soon.
For those of you who want to buy more pizza than you can eat in one
sitting, there is a 'beast pizza' order for the week 5 LAN as well.

We also have our usual Pub social at the Phantom Coach and Friday

Minutes 14/5/2010

Posted on 14th May 2010

h2. Present:

MrWilson, TeamDoherty, Connorhd, Sinjo, Cranman, Dirtus, SigmaD, Firefly

h2. Minutes:

h3. Bloomberg:

-One person is needed to do the presentation and another person can assist.
-Takes place on Tuesday 25th May.
-There is no provided transport, we should e-mail Bloomberg asking if the cost of transport can be covered.
-The presentation needs to be about what the society would do, how we would benefit.
-MrWilson will do the presentation.
-The presentation can be written in Google Docs, so a...