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Minutes 30/4/2010

Posted on 30th April 2010

h2. Present:

Cranman, Dangerman, Sinjo, Dirtus, Fyorl, Agaeki, Azurit, Connorhd, Artalyx, TeamDoherty, Zed0, SigmaD, Monk

h2. Apologies:


h2. Minutes:

h3. ProgComp:

-2 entries, 1 eligible.
-£400 to spend on progcomp prizes throughout the year.
-Spend most of the money on the LAN speed progcomp (week 5).
-Accenture are just like CompSoc, but are a successful business.
*Action*: SigmaD to talk to MrWilson about ProgComp.
-As the website explicitly said netbook, Connor will buy the prize for th...