Archive date: March 2010

Minutes 17/3/2010

Posted on 17th March 2010

h2. Present:

Mulletron, Agaeki, George, Cranman, Zed0, MrWilson, Demo, TeamDoherty, SigmaD

h2. Still in bed:


h2. Minutes:

h3. Actions to be done straight after meeting:

*Action*: Mulletron to explain to Agaeki about aurora.
*Action*: TeamDoherty/Agaeki to get gaming password.

h3. Emails:

-Coventry Uni haven't replied to the e-mail about varsity gaming.
-CompSoc exec gets a lot of spam.
-Spam filters will filter /everything/.
*Action*: Exec to test individual e-mails

h3. Company contacts:


Week 10 Term 2 Newsletter

Posted on 14th March 2010

Hello CompSoc!

We've got the usual stuff this week, the pub social in the Phantom Coach on Monday to Gaming on Friday.

A note to those who were at gaming last Friday:
-There is some lost property from gaming, a hat/gloves/scarf combo and some notebooks with mathematics notes in, get in touch with Agaeki if any of this is yours.
-Also, the room was left quite a mess after gaming, food trodden into the carpet etc. If you're going to have food at gaming, PLEASE ensure you take it with you or throw it away wh...

Minutes 12/3/2010

Posted on 12th March 2010

h2. Present:

MrWilson, Dirtus, Dangerman, PokeForCake, Sinjo, Estel, Cranman, Connor, Agaeki, Fyorl, Mulletron, Bucko, Zed0, SigmaD, Monk and TeamDoherty

h2. Minutes:

h3. Agenda:

-An agenda would be useful, maybe googledocs

h3. Gaming:

-Fyorl got Diablo 2 working.
- TeamDoherty wants to get steam working.
- People need to own games to play is a benefit.
- Connor reckons that with enough work, most steam games could be run.
-Fyorl has server access and has giventhe appropriate peopl...

Week 9 Newsletter

Posted on 7th March 2010

Hey CompSoc,

For those of you still alive after the Real Ale festival, here's a
newsletter for this week.

We have our regular pub social at the Phantom Coach on Monday and Gaming
on Friday in DCS.
We're also having our exec meeting on Friday this week before Gaming, so
feel free to come along and watch us attempt to prevent the society
spiralling into chaos.

This week's events
Pub Social on Mon, 8th March

Exec Meeting on F...

Term 2 Week 8

Posted on 3rd March 2010

Greetings CompSoc!

Since the new exec are getting used to pretending to know what's going on, I thought it was about time for some spam e-mail.

This week is of course the Real Ale Festival, that a lot of people have been really looking forward to, which is on in the evening on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We recommend you join us for the official CompSoc visit on Thursday, we're meeting at 6pm at the Copper rooms, hope to see you there.
We also have our regular gaming session on Friday for the usual f...

Minutes - 3/3/2010

Posted on 3rd March 2010

h2. Present:

MrWilson, Mogmiester, Dirtus, Cranman, Fyorl, TeamDoherty, Agaeki, Zed0, Azurit, Trip, SigmaD

h2. Minutes:

h3. Emails/Mailing List and Website:

-Fyorl needs the mailman password to do things.
-Monk may or may not have added people to the mailing list already.
-Exec Bios need updating
-Admins can rewrite the entire website. (Don't do that)

h3. Dirtus' Si... Football:

-Dirtus wondered if anyone was interested in a 5 a side game.
-Will be mentioned in newsletter.

h3. Pokemon Social: