Archive date: December 2009

Exec Minutes - 10/12/2009

Posted on 10th December 2009

h2. Present:

Estel, Mogmiester, Trip, Azurit, Connorhd, Sinjo, Monk, bakaidiot_, Dirtus

h3. Apologies:


h2. Minutes

h3. Mahdi Shariff's e-mail

Mahdi Shariff sent an email asking for help to design a website. We ignored this for quite some time, but we need to forward the original email to interest, and email an apology to him, and tell him people interested in helping will contact him.
*Action*: Connor will sort this

h3. L4D2 Tournament

Estel presented the rules he had drawn up. They look good...

Exec Minutes - 3/12/2009

Posted on 3rd December 2009

h2. Present:

Estel, Mogmiester, Trip, Pepper, Connorhd, Sinjo, Monk

h3. Apologies:


h2. Minutes

h3. Clothing Order

This will go up soon.
*Action*: Connor to put up the clothing order signups on the events page

h3. SF4

Posters have been made. They will be put up over the coming week by Trip.

h3. Secret Santa

Estel will /msg and email people to tell them who they are buying presents for.c meeting. This will need to include start date, finish date and the rules of the tournament.

h3. L4D2