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Exec Minutes - 26/11/2009

Posted on 26th November 2009

h2. Present:

Matthew Alves, Nathan Wong, Tim Monks, Connor Dunn. Chris Sinjakli, Claire Thomas, Tomas Pilar, Rebecca Chui

h2. Minutes

h3. SES

SES were denied. Despite Connor's attempt to get in touch with them, they never replied to us. The exec decided that we'd be happy to let them do stuff in CompSoc if they wanted.

h3. Food at Gaming

An email has been sent to the members. Should gaming continue to be left in a state after gaming further action will be taken.

h3. LAN

An email has been sent about ...

Exec Minutes 19-11-2009

Posted on 19th November 2009

h2. Present:

Connor Dunn, Chris Sinjakli, Tim Monks, Matt Alves, Tomas Pilar, Anees Ahee, Rebecca Chui

h3. Apologies:

Claire Thomas, Nathan Wong

h2. Minutes

h3. Christmas Meal

Pepper was not present so discussion of the Christmas meal couldn't really take place
*Action*: monk to fix the mailing list to email alumni

h3. Clothing

Sadiq got quotes for the society from First Image. It is very cheap, with ~£15 for the most expensive hoodie, £2.50 for a name on the hoodie. ADM are offering to beat any quo...

Exec Minutes 10-11-2009

Posted on 10th November 2009

h2. Present:

Connor Dunn, Chris Sinjakli, Claire Thomas, Tim Monks, Nathan Wong, Anees Ahee, William Harris, Ben Falconer, Rebecca Chui, Vincent Poon

h3. Apologies:

Matt Alves, Tomas Pilar

h2. Minutes

h3. Gaming arrangements

The point was raised that there are some people who attend gaming who would like made available a quieter environment to code or work in.
Monk suggested that the MSc lab in DCS could be used by these people, but concerns were raised about the room's accessibility. It was suggeste...

Exec Minutes 02-11-2009

Posted on 2nd November 2009

h2. Present:

Trip, Monk, Connorhd, Dirtus, Azurit, Steve, Twinklefeet, Mulletron, Sinjo

h2. Minutes

h3. SSE Training

Monk notes that the Event Planning Packs are worth having a look at - see here (general information) and here (forms for specific events). The Warwick Advantage award may also be a useful opportunity.

*Action*: Monk t...

Term 1 Week 5

Posted on 1st November 2009

Greetings CompSoc!

Unfortunately this week Mogmiester is marooned somewhere remote, so
you're stuck with my ramblings instead of his.

If you're not aware, there is a LAN party coming up in a few weeks.
Signups are already pretty full, so please checkout for more details ASAP.

Not much else to say really other than what we have this week, which
is the same sort of fun as usual! You might want to note that I am
doing a Python Programming tutorial on Wednesday. Hopeful...