Archive date: October 2009

Exec Minutes 26-10-2009

Posted on 26th October 2009

h2. Present

Mogmiester, Estel, Sinjo, dangerman, monk, mulletron, azurit, Connorhd, zed0, Trip, pepper, Spooky_Rach

h2. Minutes

h3. Fliers

Trip will make the order tomorrow for 500 fliers from the union printers

*Action*: Trip to order fliers

h3. Mogmiester's Absence

Mogmiester is leaving for a week, and so needs people to stand in for him. It was agreed Connorhd would do the newsletter, Monk would do the agenda and Trip write the minutes

*Action*: Connorhd to send out a newsletter Sunday evening

Term 1 Week 4

Posted on 25th October 2009

Sup CompSoc.

We have an exec meeting tomorrow at 5-6. Please come along and raise any
points you wish to raise, or come along just see see your friendly exec
members in action! After that we will be heading down to the pub as usual.

I hope that the first half of term 1 was ok, and that any freshers flu
you caught
has now cleared up. With any luck you've been enjoying the socials we've been
putting on for you. If you haven't been to any yet, then this is week
your chance!

This week is also the week we wil...

Term 1 Week 3

Posted on 18th October 2009

Hello Compsoc!

After a lengthy discussion at Friday's exec meeting, we have decided
that we will no longer be advertising food as part of the pre-gaming
social. You can order food if you want, but please be aware that even
if the dirty duck is full, we won't be moving over to Rootes Social
building or the like. If you liked food at the social and think this was the
wrong decision to make, or if you have any other ways you think that
the society could be improved, you should come along to the exec
meeting n...

Exec Minutes 16-10-2009

Posted on 16th October 2009

h2. Present

Mogmiester, Estel, Sinjo, bakaidiot_, dangerman, JcO, Dirtus, monk, mulletron, azurit, Connorhd, Zaer, zed0, Trip, pepper

h2. Minutes

h3. Games

Monk talked to sadiq who recommended lots of games. Monk emailed them to discuss to get people talking about what games they would like. These things need to be added to backus and YAAL.

*Action*: mulletron will add Starcraft and Peggle, Estel will sort out steam, and Azurit will add other games that people want.

Old wine let you play LAN games, sp...

Term 1 Week 2

Posted on 10th October 2009

Hello CompSoc!

First of all, a big welcome to all the new freshers! I hope that
you've had an action packed first week, without too many hangovers!
Hopefully you turned up to gaming yesterday, but if not then have no
fear, as it runs every Friday.

There will be a freshers social this Monday, which you should come
along to and meet the exec, after which those that are interested will
be able to walk to the pub with us to have a bite to eat, chat to
current members, and possibly have a pint.

We will be hea...

Exec Minutes 09-10-2009

Posted on 9th October 2009

h1. Actions:

Gaming to be able to admin gaming servers

Tech to document bind and postfix

Institute a policy of emailing exec list with information about conversations that don't happen on the exec list

Next AGM, gaming officer will not be elected. Instead, a gaming tech officer will be appointed by the exec on the recommendation of the gaming president

Azurit and Estel will need to define their responsibilities, and this will be discussed next exec meeting

Mogmiester needs to format minutes correctly,...

Holiday Minutes

Posted on 1st October 2009

h2. Present

Mogmiester, pepper, Sinjo, monk, Connorhd, Trip, Dirtus, bakaidiot_

h3. Apologies


h2. Minutes

h3. Publicity

The flyers are very good, thank you Trip for all the effort you put into them! However, the poster is ok to go in DCS but not for the freshers fair.
Need to make a suitable logo to use as branding, and Monk needs to update the website to use it.
Trip needs to make a banner.
Connorhd needs to make a poster.

h3. Freshers fair

Monk will put up a google doc, and exec need to sig...