Archive date: May 2009

Minutes - 29th May

Posted on 29th May 2009

h1. Present

pepper, Trip, monk, sadiq, connorhd, mulletron, Mogmiester, Sinjo, Zaer, Dirtus, bakaidiot_, dangerman, Demo

h1. Apologies

Azurit, Estel

h1. Minutes

There are binbags in the cupboard that Brad found

Azurit needs to talk to Neil Williams about power at the BFL, and he should take connorhd along too

Will the gaming part of compsoc be getting any sponsorships or anything for next year?

The exec meeting next week will be on Friday

Codd's disks failed due to the union's AC failing. Sinjo nee...

BFL Guest Signups open ahead of schedule

Posted on 24th May 2009

Guest signups for BFL at the end of term 3 are open as of now. This is due to problems with SU authentication which were out of our hands. Standard members are advised to signup as soon as possible in order to get a place.

Minutes - 22nd May

Posted on 22nd May 2009

h1. Present

Mogmiester, Zed0, mulletron, azurit, Zaer, bakaidiot_, Demo, dangerman, Sinjo, connorhd, monk, Brad, Trip, Dirtus, sadiq

h1. Apologies

pepper, Estel

h1. Minutes

Estel was not at the exec meeting so we were unable to discuss his list of ideas. monk does not have any ideas for things to do next term for wuglug, but an email has been sent to discuss to ask people for ideas, and we already have quite a few talks lined up.

Trip needs to make leaflets and posters for next year to convince freshe...

BFL Signups Open

Posted on 21st May 2009

BFL signups for the LAN in week 10 (22-26 June) are now open to all members. Guest signups are due to open on June 3 in order that priority be given to our members.
Further details on the BFL can be found here:

Exec Minutes - 14th May

Posted on 14th May 2009

h1. Present

Estel, Demo, Mogmiester, Sinjo, Dangerman, Connorhd, Ester_mouse, monk

h1. Apologies

azurit, Trip, Pepper

h1. Minutes

h2. Tech rota at LAN

fred and Faux can both help Sinjo and Connorhd to do tech stuff at LAN

h2. Aircon for LAN

Estel will phone estates tomorrow to make sure the aircon is working
Action: Estel to phone estates

h2. Lists of stuff

Neither Estel or monk have had time to make a list of things to do with other unis/wuglug, but they will be done for the next exec meeting.

Arrangements for IMAX

Posted on 8th May 2009

Good afternoon!

This is just a final note before tomorrow's trip to watch Star Trek tomorrow to confirm some final details. Hopefully, you've all bought your tickets by now (though there are still some available, according to their website). If you elected to collect your ticket from the box office, it might be advisable to make a note of the reference number before leaving tomorrow.
As there is no allocated seating, if we wish to sit together we will probably need to arrive quite early, and as such we're...

Exec Minutes - 7th May

Posted on 7th May 2009

h1. Present

Dirtus, Trip, Estel, bakaidiot_, Demo, pepper, connorhd, Twinklefeet, sadiq, Sinjo, monk, Mogmiester, dangerman

h1. Apologies


h1. Minutes

h2. IBM sponsorship

Following on from a meeting earlier in the week, IBM have agreed to again sponsor us, with the details to be decided at a later date. A trip to Hursley is being planned for term 2 of next year which ought to be funded in large part by them. It's possible that a trip to IBM Warwick would be possible for those people that could n...