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Minutes - 30th April

Posted on 30th April 2009

h1. Present

Mogmiester, Dirtus, Pepper, connorhd, Sinjo, Agaeki,
dangerman, Demo, bakaidiot_, Estel, Trip, mulletron, monk, azurit,

IBM will be coming to campus. Connorhd suggested next week

The new website has been rolled out.
There have been password problems, and 200 accounts have been
disabled. Connorhd needs to delete the emails with passwords in them.
The locations on the website have lots of duplicates. Someone needs to fix this.
Trac needs to accept anonymous bugs, and so captcha need...

New website

Posted on 28th April 2009

As you should be able to see, today we have rolled out a new website. We hope that you like it, and find it easier to use. However, please note the following:

h1. Bugs

Despite best testing efforts, things will be broken and/or have some bugs in them somewhere. If you think this might be the case, you should join the website irc channel, and point out what you think is wrong. If this is confirmed then you should file a ticket. It is highly possible that something may break as a result of the website rollou...

Server Migration (APRIL FOOLS' JOKE)

Posted on 1st April 2009

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all having a cracking Easter! Not too much going on events wise, but those cracking guys in the techteam have been hard at work planning for something quite big. In light of recent events with regard to the rise of the Conficker worm, we have decided to migrate our servers to Windows Server 2008. It was a tough decision but we couldn't leave the security of our servers at risk any longer. Patches which fix the vulnerability for Microsoft's Windows operating system have existed sinc...