Archive date: January 2009

First LAN of Term 2

Posted on 10th January 2009

Reasonably quiet week for CompSoc.. except of course for LAN next weekend! Signups are still open, but places are obviously being taken up, so head over to the events page if you don't want to miss out on a weekend of epic procrastination. (You might want to check out the pizza order event also, so that you don't starve while you game.)

Apart from that, we hope you guys all had a good holiday, and hope to see you at all our events!

Exec Minutes - 8th January 2009

Posted on 8th January 2009

h3. Present

Tim Monks (monk)
Hammad Qureshi (Dr)
Adish Bharadwaj Ramabadran (Viruk)
Nathan Wong (Estel)
Tomas Pilar (Azurit)
Matthew Alves (Mogmiester)

h3. Apologies

Raj Zal Shukla (Natural 20)
Nicholas Pope (Knicos)

h3. Tech Officer

As Knicos was leaving university for an extended period of time, it was decided that the society needed a new Tech Officer. It was also decided that Brad must be the new Tech officer (mainly because he is already in contact with ITS to deal with their upcoming investigatio...