Archive date: October 2008

Exec Minutes - 30th October 2008

Posted on 30th October 2008

h3. Present
Tim Monks (monk)
Raj Shukla (Natural20)
Nathan Wong (Estel)
Hammad Qureshi (Dr)
Adish Ramabadran (Viruk)
Nicolas Pope (knickos)

h5. Speed Programming Competition Sponsors

Hammad had been in contact with SunGuard to see if they were interested in sponsoring us. Apparently they had expressed such an interest, Hammad has followed this up with another email, but as it stands there was no reply - so nothing confirmed yet.
Hammad also mentioned that Morgan Stanley had expressed an interest in showin...

LAN Signups

Posted on 24th October 2008

There are only a very small number of spaces left for our LAN at the end of week 6. If you're interested in going, sign up now to avoid disappointment! There is also a pizza order currently on the website for delivery on the Friday night. This time we'll be ordering from Dominos, and we'll be getting half price on the whole order.

Exec Minutes - 17th October 2008

Posted on 17th October 2008

h3. Present
Tim Monks (monk)
Raj Shukla (Natural20)
Nathan Wong (Estel)
Tomas Pilar (Azurit)
Richard Warburton (mulletron)
Matthew Alves (Mogmiester)

h3. Apologies
Adish Ramabadran (Viruk)
Hammad Quereshi (Dr)
Nicolas Pope (knickos)

h5. Exec Meeting Time

Clearly there have been problems with picking an appropriate time for the exec meeting. Based on the spreadsheet that monk set up, it seems like Thursday afternoon would be best. Currently Adi and Hammad haven't replied saying when isn't good for them.

Newsletter for 16 October 2008

Posted on 16th October 2008

Welcome to Warwick and to what is the first compsoc newsletter, going out
in week 3, easily demonstrating the ruthless effienciency of your beloved

We'd like to welcome in particular the new freshers who have joined our
ranks and encourage you guys to take part in as many of our activities as
possible be they gaming, academic or just plain socials.

Probably the most important event for this week is the fresher's social
which is going to be happening from 3:30-6:00 this Saturday in SO.28. Just
drop i...