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Exec Minutes - 18th June 2008

Posted on 18th June 2008

*Present:* monk, Hammad, Nick, Mulletron
*Apologies:* Estel, Adi, Azurit

h3. Academic Talks

Hammad has organised Microsoft and Moloney Research to come in on Thursday week 10. Microsoft want to see what VGDsoc have produced, and also are interested in doing some kind of talk, though we are not sure what on.

*Action:* Hammad to email Microsoft to find out what there plans for the talk are.

Moloney research want to give some kind of Resume workshop, they want ~30 people to send in their resumes in advance...


Posted on 16th June 2008

Warwick paintball soc have been awesome and organised us one hell of an event for Saturday.

As it happens the paintball ground they use is celebrating its 21st birthday and as such there will be live music, a hog roast and just more epic than your body has room for.

The price of tickets is £43 which is really reasonable considering that you get 1000 paintballs, a smoke grenade and all the other things listed above. It also happens to be a cool £12 less than their ordinary asking price.

So I only ask that...

End of term / BFL signup

Posted on 7th June 2008

Hi all,

Hope that your exams have been going well, and if they aren't already, will be over as soon as possible. As we come to the end of the year, we're approaching the main event in compsoc's calendar: our annual week-long MegaLAN / BFL, which will this year will take place, as usual, over the final week of term in lib1/2. This is the most popular event of the year, and is often oversubscribed; consider this (short!) warning that "signups": will open at mi...