Archive date: May 2008

Minutes - 21st May 2008

Posted on 21st May 2008

*Present:* monk, Azurit, Hammad, Brad, Mullet, Nick
*Apologies:* Raj (Natural20), Adi (Viruk), Estel
Location: DCS Undergrad Labs

h5. Spoof email issue

We established the situation so far. monk and Adi attempted to contact
Tom Callow to arrange a meeting, again, this time resorting to leaving
a note on his door asking to contact us about the issue. On Tuesday
Adi received a phone call from Tom Lindsay saying that he wasn't
sure/couldn't remember what the issue was, and that he would talk to
Tom Callow abo...

Minutes - 16th May 2008

Posted on 16th May 2008

*Present:* Mullet,Viruk,Dr,Monk,Brad,Estel,Azurit

h5. Email Issue

Viruk asked more about the email issue and Monk explained it to him. Also
Viruk to call Tom Callow and a convenient time for Brad and Monk to
meet him.

h5. Term 3 Socials

Exec agreed that there needs to be a barbecue and a paintballing session
on Week 9 weekend. Natural 20 to get in touch with the paintballing
society and organise a session. Also Viruk/Natural to book a barbecue site
for saturday week 9.

h5. Moloney Search/Microsoft Eve...