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Special General Meeting

Posted on 28th January 2008

The Exec will be holding a special general meeting for members on Wednesday 30th January (details are in the events page). The meeting is being held to discuss the future direction of the Society and to plan the Exec structure for the next academic year. Contributions from all members are welcome including views on splitting the Society, changing its focus to be more academic/game oriented or other issues which affect membership.

Come along and be part of the decision making process. Immediately after the...

Guest Lecture: How we built the world's fastest web server (and what we did next)

Posted on 20th January 2008

Zeus Technology is a Cambridge-based software company, working mainly in application traffic management. This technical talk from two members of the development team will cover some of the design and implementation challenges encountered during the company's history. Migrating to The Graduate afterwards.

IBM Extreme Blue Internship

Posted on 20th January 2008

Extreme Blue is IBM's summer internship programme which combines top undergraduate technical and business talent to develop and commercialise emerging technologies from IBM’s internal portfolios. The internship programme runs at IBM Hursley, near Winchester and the interns work in small project teams of 4 that include business and technical students, along with IBM mentors from various disciplines and divisions. As an Extreme Blue student, you'll face the challenge of making a real impact in the industry....

Newsletter for 11 January 2008

Posted on 11th January 2008


Welcome to back to Warwick. We all hope you have a relaxed Christmas
break and a New Year's you can't remember! We're about to kick off the
CompSoc 2008 year with the events below.

--- Timetable ------------------------------

This week:

- Friday, 20:00, DCS, Gaming Session
- Monday 14th, 19:30, Phantom Coach, Pub Social
- Friday 18th, 20:00, LIB1/2, LAN-1 of 2008

(Please see: for updated list)

-- Notices -------------------------------------------

- Th...

Happy New Year

Posted on 9th January 2008

Welcome back after the Christmas break. For any refreshers, just a reminder of compsoc's events: We have pub socials on Mondays, WUGLUG on Wednesdays and Gaming on Fridays. If you have not been before, don't worry, we don't bite. Don't forget to sign up to the LAN in week 2!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
The Compsoc Exec.