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Exec Minutes: 5th December 2007

Posted on 5th December 2007

*Present* mullet,Brad,Monk,Azurit,Nat20,George,Si,Bruce,Lucy,OddBloke,JcO

h5. 1. Refresher's Fayre

The Society must complete a form to get a stand.

ACTION: Brad/Mullet - to remove accounts from old members
ACTION: Si to complete Refresher's Fayre sheet.
ACTION: Mullet to check for large IBM poster in his office
ACTION: George to print out mini-posters for Fayre (100 A4 = 400 A6)
ACTION: Benji/Exec to email poster to Exec list (for new Exec'ers)
ACTION: Si to check supplies of IBM freebies for stand.


Newsletter for 3 December 2007

Posted on 3rd December 2007

Hi All,

Its the very last week of term! We'd like to wish you all a very
relaxing break for Christmas and hope to see as many of you as possible
in the New Year!

--- Timetable ------------------------------

This week:

- Monday, 18:30, Pub Social, Phantom Coach
- Wednesday, 15:00-16:00, DCS, Exec Meeting
- Wednesday, 19:00, A0.23 Social Studies, WUGLUG Meeting
- Friday, 19:00-20:00, The Graduate, Pre-Gaming Social
- Friday, 20:00-04:00, DCS, Gaming

(Please see: