Archive date: November 2007

Week 9

Posted on 26th November 2007

In addition to our usual weekly events, we have two specialities this week:

This Wednesday sees an exciting talk from IBM, entitled "Virtualise Everything and Save the Planet!", its at 2pm in L4. Full details can be found on the "events": page.

This Friday the Computing Society holds its annual Christmas Meal signups are availible "online": .

Newsletter for 24 November 2007

Posted on 24th November 2007

Hi All,

Its almost the end of term! This week we have a Christmas Social, Gaming
and a guest lecture from IBM on virtualisation.

--- Timetable ------------------------------

This week:

- Monday, 18:30, Pub Social, Phantom Coach
- Wednesday, 14:00-15:00, L4 (Science Concourse), IBM Guest Lecture
(Virtualise Everything and Save the Planet!)
- Wednesday, 16:00-17:00, DCS, Exec Meeting
- Wednesday, 19:00, A0.23 Social Studies, WUGLUG Meeting
- Friday 30th November, 18:00-21:00, Wing Wah's, Society Christm...

Exec Minutes: 21st November 2007

Posted on 21st November 2007

*Present* mullet,Brad,Monk,Azurit,Nat20,George

*Apologies* Si,Bruce

*MIA* Odd_bloke,Jc0

0. Pub Crawl

We agreed a pub crawl was a good idea, but Nat20 didn't know where was good.

ACTION: Nat20 email the discuss list for suggestions as to pubs.

1. Xmas Meal

Set for a week friday, in Wing Wahs. This is to happen before Gaming.

ACTION: Nat20 to sort out event and send out promotional email, Azurit
to move gaming back an hour.

2. Hursley

We decided not to run the Hursley trip.

3. Reuters

ACTION: Geo...

Newsletter for 19 November 2007

Posted on 19th November 2007


Welcome to Week 8, this weekend sees the Society's first Programming
Competitions for the 07-08 academic year. Prizes are sponsored by
Bloomberg and total £1000.

To enter you must signup at the Society events page
( Teams must be of three people
or less, if you're not in a team then we are also running a
'matchmaker' service - signup and email

--- Timetable ------------------------------

This week:

- Monday, 18:30, Pub Social, Phantom Coa...

Exec Minutes - 7th November 2007

Posted on 7th November 2007

*Present:* Mullet, Si, OddBloke, Fluffeei, Bruce, Lucidion (Lucy), Brad,
JcO, Azurit, George, Lamby, Faux

h5. Purchases

Si asked if all future Society purchases can go through the Exec.
Generally purchases are supposed to be discussed by the Exec prior to
the orders being placed, this helps with accountability and budget

h5. WUGLUG Budget

Exec agreed this would be 70 GBP.

h5. LAN Planning

Faux said that no one has specified a setup time.

Fluffeei noted room is booked from 20:00 so the...

Newsletter for 5 November 2007

Posted on 5th November 2007


Welcome to Week 6, there are lots of events happening this week so we
hope to see you all at some of them.

A highlight of this week (other than the LAN) will be a talk "Functional
Programming from Dummies" by Dr Steve Matthews of the Department of
Computer Science. The talk will introduce an alternative to Java
programming using a new language and design methodology.

--- Timetable ------------------------------

This week:

- Monday, 18:30, Pub Social, Phantom Coach
- Wednesday, 15:00-16:00, Depar...