Archive date: September 2007

Email Problems

Posted on 30th September 2007

Some users are experiencing problems with emails being delivered to our servers. Our servers' settings are correct, but these settings may take a while to propagate to other servers that we do not control.

Welcome Freshers!

Posted on 30th September 2007

Welcome Freshers to the greatest society at this university. We offer many exciting events including trips to major companies as well as the general social activities of go-karting, bowling, paintballing and many others. We hold weekly gaming sessions as well as going to the pub. For the more academically minded, there is a free software project that anyone can contribute to, a GNU/Linux user group and many programming competitions throughout the year. Join today and receive an account on our main s...

h4. Exec Minutes - 4th September 2007

Posted on 4th September 2007

*Present:* Mullet, Si, OddBloke, Fluffeei, Bruce, Brad
Location: Teamspeak

h5. Elections for Exec Positions

Mullet started the meeting by asking which week we will hold an EGM to elect new members of the Exec.

Fluffeei proposed that we hold the EGM in Week 2 but close it to Freshers as they will only just have joined the Society.

Si said that the meeting would need to be open to all members assuming they are members by this point.

*Action* EGM is to be held in Week 2 of Term 1

h5. Exec EGM Q+A

Si p...