Archive date: July 2007

Tech Notices

Posted on 11th July 2007

Historically the Computing Society has run a "blog": that contains information about planned downtime, updates to society servers etc. This is being revived and should be used to convey any future information about such issues. Thank you for listening.

Molotov/Codd Migration

Posted on 10th July 2007

The migration of molotov to codd is now complete. All user accounts and services have been restored. Unfortunately the migration took a lot longer the anticipated, due to unforeseen circumstances. We sincerely apologies for the delay and any inconveniences caused.

As some of you may be aware, we are planning on expiring all passwords on codd. This is on order to filter out the weak passwords. If you wish to keep the same password as before, you can change it back by using the passwd command, but if your pa...

Server Migration (cotd.)

Posted on 6th July 2007

Earlier today, Codd (the replacement for Molotov) was brought on-line. Our plan was to migrate all data and services across during the course of the afternoon. Unfortunately, while moving user accounts from Molotov, the /etc/passwd file got removed, thus preventing the use of sudo to fix the situation and also any subsequent attempts to log in to the machine. This cannot be resolved till we can gain physical access to Codd - on Monday.

Let us assure you that all your data are safe in the meanwhile and that...

Server Migration

Posted on 6th July 2007

The Computing Society main server, codd, has been brought online today. Migration is an on-going process, and services will continue to be brought back up this afternoon. If you have identified any problems that you wish to report please email or ask in #tech on