Archive date: June 2007

BBQ location MOVED due to bad weather

Posted on 24th June 2007

Unfortunately its been raining heavily this morning rendering the chances of running an effective BBQ in a field nill. It is also likely to continue raining, sometimes heavily, during the day. Consequently we are moving the BBQ to Bucko's house in coventry where we can very easily move to the warm indoors during rainy spells. People on campus will be able to get a lift from Tesco at 12.30. Otherwise there is a "map":, which can be used for direction, as maps h...


Posted on 22nd June 2007

The BFL marches steadily closer, and there are a few things to announce before it all kicks off.

h4. Power issues

Due to power constraints we will only be allowing you to bring one out of the following: 2nd monitor, fan, laptop, file server, console. If you do choose to turn up with more than one of them, you will be asked to wait and the power draw of all your equipment for the LAN will be measured. If this is below 360W, you will be allowed to use all your equipment. Otherwise we shall discuss what you ...

Newsletter for 21 June 2007

Posted on 21st June 2007

Exams (almost) over, BFL to come...


Here's the weekly newsletter. Hope exams are going well, next week will be the BFL (in case you didn't know) but there are lots of other events as well.

h4. Timetable

This Week and Week 10:

* Friday, 20:00, Xing, CS0.01, Computer Science Department
* Saturday - CompSoc Paintballing (08:00 - 17:00)
* Sunday - Annual CompSoc BBQ, 12:00-20:00 (BBQ Site 2, behind Rootes, near Tennis Courts)

* Monday - Friday, Week 10 is the LAN
* Tuesday - 18:00 - 21:00, BFL/Pub So...

Exec Minutes - 19th June 2007

Posted on 19th June 2007

*Present:* Mullet, Sadiq, Si, OddBloke, Polar, Fluffeei, Bruce, Bucko
*Apologies:* Tim (away)

h4. Bugzilla and Action Points

Bruce asked if we could put Action Points into Bugzilla.

Mullet asked if everyone had a Bugzilla account, everyone except Fluffeei did.

Sadiq suggested using a Wiki since Bugzilla was a nightmare for recording Action Points.

Mullet asked the Secretary if we could put future Action Points onto a Wiki when they become available.

*Action* Action Points to go on Wiki when servers b...


Posted on 12th June 2007

Dear all, since some interest was registered in the "Paintball Event":/society/events/details/775 on our website, Compsoc, in coordination with the "Paintball Society":, will be holding a social on 23rd June. This takes place between 8am - 5pm at the National Paintball Fields in Birmingham. We need a big crowd to turn up with fire in their bellies, to defend the land of the free and home of the brave! Or something. In order to signup you need to u...

Exec Minutes - 12th June 2007

Posted on 12th June 2007

*Present:* Mullet, Sadiq, Si, Monk, OddBloke, Polar, Fluffeei, Bruce, Lucidion
*Apologies:* Tim (away)

h4. Gaming

Mullet reported that he had spoken to Roger Packwood about re-opening the Gaming account. Roger is talking to Paul Williams.

Fluffeei asked whether tech team had delivered a working 'locked' down solution yet?

Mullet said that the launcher had been updated to authenticate against the CompSoc database. The intention is to use an alternative exec function call to control application forking.

Newsletter for 11 June 2007

Posted on 11th June 2007

Almost the end of Exams!


Here's the weekly newsletter. Hope exams are going well, almost the end now. :)

h4. Timetable

This week:

* Monday, 19:30 - Social, City Arms, Earlsdon
* Tuesday, 16:15 - Exec Meeting, MR3 (note, 15 minutes later this week)
* Wednesday, 19:00 - WUGLUG, Probably Phantom Coach
* Friday, 20:00, Xing, CS0.01, Computer Science Department

h4. Notices

* There is *NO* Gaming this week.
* Clothing order is now closed, order is being processed.


Exec Minutes - 5 June 2007

Posted on 5th June 2007

*Present:* Si, Mullet, Tim, Polar, Odd_Bloke, Fluff_eei, Bucko, Bruce, Sadiq

h4. Agenda

* Clothing
* Cupboard Update
* Accenture
* Paintball

h4. Clothing

Sadiq said order was set to close on Wednesday (tomorrow), he would then calculate costs etc. and email individual signups with their personal cost.

Mullet wanted it noted that the Exec laughed at Sadiq for 10 seconds for over-complicating a calculation.

Sadiq then raised the issue of credit with suppliers. The approximate cost of...

Newsletter for 4 June 2007

Posted on 4th June 2007

4th June, BFL Day Signups now live


Here's the weekly newsletter. Hope exams are going well :)

h4. Timetable

This week and next week:

* Monday, 19:30 - Social, City Arms, Earlsdon
* Tuesday, Exec Meeting, time yet to be agreed (location may change)
* Wednesday, 19:00 - WUGLUG, Probably Phantom Coach
* Friday, 18:00, MR6, SU-North Tech Team Meeting
* Friday, 20:00, Xing, CS0.01, Computer Science Department

h4. Notices

* There is *NO* Gaming this week.
* BFL Day Signups are now live - you can sig...

BFL Signups

Posted on 2nd June 2007

As I'm sure many of you are aware, as we approach the end of term 3 we also approach the busiest event in the Compsoc calendar: the BFL / Mega LAN, a 5 day LAN running from Monday 25th June to Friday 29th. This is our most oversubscribed event of the year, and so I am giving you fair warning that signups will be opening at 12:00pm midday on Sunday 3rd June for members and 12:00pm midday on Sunday 10th June for guests. For fellow freshers, be amply warned that the BFL fills up pretty sharpish, so get signup ...