Archive date: May 2007

Term 3

Posted on 1st May 2007

Welcome back to term 3 and the excitement that is CompSoc. This announcement is primarily that Gaming will be returning this Friday at 8pm. It will be preceded by a social in the Rootes Social Bar between 7pm and 8pm. For the more hardcore there is a Techteam meeting from 6pm to 7pm, preceding the social.

Exec Minutes - 1st May 2007

Posted on 1st May 2007

*Present:* Bucko, Bruce, Mullet, Si, Polar, Odd Bloke, Fluff_eei, Tim and Sadiq

h4. Moving Bong Installs/Patches

Bruce stated that Bong usually hosts patches before a LAN to enable members to download/update in their own time. He asked what the plans were for the current systems to support this.

Tim said that Bong was not up but that we could in theory move patches from Bong to Backus if we had disk access (to Bong's disks).

After various discussions on the sizes of disks, the exec decided to use Backu...